Official: Oppo is Bringing Back Its Flagship Find Series on June 19th

OPPO has officially announced that it plans to launch the OPPO Find X. The new futuristic flagship smartphone will be unveiled at the world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris on June 19.

Previously, on June 1, OPPO revived and restarted the Find series via its official website and social media channels. Find X, the name of the new product, recently lighted the Paris landmark, representing OPPO’s endless exploration of the ultimate future smartphone, with the letter “X” meaning the unknown, adventurous and extreme.

Find X Global Launch Event

As the premium series of OPPO’s smartphones, the Find series has always been known for its high-end specifications, pioneering innovative technology, and artistic design, providing consumers with all-round flagship performance and refined aesthetics.

Looking back at the history of the Find series, OPPO’s classic models display the brand’s persistence to combine technology and aesthetics. From the side-sliding qwerty keyboard design, to the thinnest body to the highest-definition screen and fastest charging technology, OPPO’s Find series has ignited the public’s imagination time and time again.


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Find X903, the first Find product released in June 2011, represented the best of Android Smartphones in China at that time thanks to its unique side-sliding qwerty keyboard design and overall flagship performance. The launch of the Find series also gave OPPO a formal entry to the world of smartphones.

OPPO Finder, 6.65mm

In 2012, the smartphone market was inundated with thick, heavy products. OPPO took the lead and released the ultra-thin flagship Finder. With a body of 6.65 mm, this product was the thinnest in the world at the time. Meanwhile, the OPPO Finder creatively applied a double-layer saber-class stainless steel frame for a sturdy body.

  • The thinnest body around the world, only 6.65 mm thick
  • Stainless steel frame structure comparable to a Swiss army knife
  • Super AMOLED Plus screen of 4.3 inches
OPPO Find 5, 1080P, a New Era of HD Display

After renewing the public’s understanding of smartphone design, OPPO again focused on the innovation of screen technology. While mainstream flagships were using standard 720P display screens, OPPO released the revolutionary flagship Find 5. With a beautiful 1080P resolution screen and design concept of Screen-off Aesthetics, Find 5 proved to be a revolutionary viewing experience. Furthermore, with the stunning design and complete performance, Find 5 won many awards such as the “best buy recommendations” of PC magazine and “IF Product Design Award”.

  • China’s first 1080P screen
  • Design concept of Screen-off Aesthetics
  • 13MP HD camera
OPPO Find 7, 5 Minutes Charging for 2 Hours of Phone Calls

With the increasing performance of mobile phones, the problem of fast battery consumption, slow charging is facing the entire industry. OPPO, however, lead the industry once again. In 2014, the company released Find 7, bringing forth the fastest charging technology, namely VOOC flash charging.

Compared with the commonly applied charging solutions, VOOC flash charging technology sped up the charging and achieved the goal of “charging for 5 minutes, talking for 2 hours”. To date, VOOC flash charging technology has served more than 100 million users worldwide, with the number still rising.

  • VOOC flash charging
  • The world’s first 2K mobile phone screen
  • Skyline breathing lamp

Building on the legacy of the classic OPPO Find series, OPPO continues to explore and innovate with new technologies and aesthetics. OPPO’s decision to launch Find X at the Louvre Museum in Paris reinforces our dedication to the art of technology. This product, after 4 years of anticipation, combines OPPO’s exploration of aesthetics and future technologies.

Join us on June 19 to find more.

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