Shahid Afridi Sparks Social Media Outrage Over Photo of ‘Pet Lion’ With His Daughter

Shahid Afridi, arguably one of the greatest superstars Pakistan cricket has ever produced, is in the headlines again. Just like his career, Afridi’s social media post stirred a bit of controversy again. The retired cricketer posted, what he thought, would be another normal social media post.

However, he had no idea it would spark outrage online and people would be seething about animal rights.

Let’s first take a look at what the star allrounder uploaded.

It seems like another normal photo talking about animal rights and how his daughter’s imitating his celebration style. However, at the back – right in front of the gate – there is a portrayal of a bit of irony. On one hand, the cricketer is advocating animal rights, however, on the other, a lion can be seen chained to the gate. Yeah, you heard or rather read that right, Shahid Afridi has a lion in his house.


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But let’s not be the supreme judges and jump to conclusions because we do not have all the facts. First, we are not sure if the lion is even real. Because when you look at it, the size does seem weird and it looks too small to be a real grown-up lion. But this could also be an optical illusion from to the camera.

However, if it’s not real then the question arises that why is it chained?

Wish Afridi could settle the debate by clarifying the “reality” of the lion. We will have to wait on that. For now, let’s take a look at what the people on the micro-blogging site think.

The tweet attracted a lot of flak, however, some jumped to the cricketer’s defense as well. We will have a look at all opinions.

Only Shahid Bhai can answer that.

Not sure.

Another point of view far far away from any animal rights debate.

It surely belongs in the jungle that is why it is the king of the jungle.

Here is another photo of the cricketer with the “pet lion”.

According to this user, Afridi doesn’t really own those animals. The lion was just on a visit to his house.

The Defenders.

The animal really belongs in its natural habitat or under professionally skilled individual’s care. That said, what do you think, is the lion real, is it fake, or Afridi went too far with petting a hypercarnivore?

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