Lychee Vendors Caught Spraying Toxic Color on Fruit [Video]

Pakistani sellers (not all of them), especially the local vendors, leave no stone unturned to sell all of their goods, by hooks or by crooks.

Recently a video of a seller surfaced on the social media where he could be seen coloring Lychees to make them look ripe – and he was doing this in front of everyone and without any remorse.

Here’s the video:

Here’s another video from a couple of years ago that went viral:

Our society has definitely gone to the extremes, and the ones suffering are from the same society. In a society where there is no check and balance and no law enforcement, things like this are bound to happen.

Spraying color on unripe fruits and selling them while people don’t know the reality of what they are buying is becoming more and more prevalent, rather it always has been, and it is time for law enforcement agencies to send such offenders behind the bars.

Not just this, other manufacturers and vendors are selling poison, literally, without a second thought and unfortunately, not all of us can differentiate these items from the genuine ones.

You can find vendors performing such a heinous act in almost every city in the country and on almost all fruits that look good with some color. Spraying red paint is pretty common for strawberries, apples and lychees while injecting sugar into watermelons isn’t unheard of either. Not to mention fake dates, that molded and colored to look like ones that are usually more expensive.

It is our responsibility to highlight such issues as this is not something to be ignored. We need to spread awareness and use the social media for all the good reasons.

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  • جب تک ان لوگوں کی سرآم چھترول نہ لگائی جائے یہ باز آنے والے نہیں۔

  • Sarak pai lita kar in kau jutio maro besharam laug.Food authority kau bhi is kai khilaf action laina chaye in ko jail be bhegho.

  • جب تک عادل حکمران جو مڈل کلاس سے ہو نہیں آئے گا حالات اس سے بھی ندتر ہوں گے

    • Middle class se Hona zaroori nahin.Kaya Hazrat Usman e Ghani(R.A) middle class se the? Logon me Shaoor Honda chahie.phir Sab theek ho ga.

    • jab tak log aadil nahin hon gay un per aadil hukmraan bhi nahin aaye ga. jesay log wesay hukmraan

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