A 100 Year-Old Woman is Contesting Against Imran Khan in NA-35

Too old to be ambitious? Well, this 100-year-old lady from Bannu is definitely not too old to be ambitious. Hazrat Bibi, aged 100, will contest in the upcoming general elections against PTI’s Imran Khan from the constituency of Bannu.

The woman will challenge PTI’s head for the NA-35 seat, which is one of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s most populous constituencies, with a population of over 1.6 million. Hazrat Bibi has also submitted her nomination papers for the provincial assembly to contest elections from the PK-89 seat.


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Hazrat Bibi’s Manifesto

Hazrat Bibi will enter the elections as an independent candidate with the manifesto of promoting girls’ education in the area. She told:

I will pay extra attention to education for girls if I end up succeeding.

Bibi is quite a popular personality in her town and this will be the sixth time that she will be taking part in the elections. She failed to taste victory in her previous attempts, however, she hopes success will follow her this time around.

Previously, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI), Junaid Akbar, won the NA-35 seat securing 51,312 votes in the process.

The elections for the new government will be held on 25th July as the caretaker government has already settled in.

  • I am amazed how today media is under Imran phobia now a days.
    Kaya is seat pe sirf IK or ye buzurg ladies hi election lar rahi han, ya Jamat e islami, PMP, Fazal ur rehamn, PML N and degar parties b election lar rahi han..
    come to your senses guys!!!…. Dont make such hype

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