Ring of Pakistan: 25 International Wrestlers to Visit Pakistan in August

Pakistan is set to host as many as 25 professional wrestlers from around the world for 2nd international professional wrestling championship named Ring of Pakistan in August this year.

The event was announced by Imran Shah CEO Ring of Pakistan, and Syed Ibne Abbas Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom in a press conference. Notable wrestlers including Chardonnay, Tiny Iron, Pram and Bram were also present in addition to Bradford’s MP from Labour Party, Imran Hussain.

Wrestlers from Belgium, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, and France have agreed to take part in the second-ever pro wrestling event in Pakistan.


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Organizers’ Remarks

Syed Ibne Abbas hoped that the event will open doors for international events for a sports-loving nation. He remarked that the sport has taken a downward path due to lack of attention. Abbas looked forward to the event, hoping to revive the sport in the country.

Imran Shah proclaimed that the event will shun the negativity around Pakistan while portraying a positive side of the country. He also added that the participating wrestlers last year enjoyed their time in Pakistan and were eager to visit Pakistan again.

The full schedule and details about the venues will be revealed in a press conference in Pakistan next month in the presence of 4 international wrestlers.

Wrestlers’ Views

Tiny Iron who was also a part of the previous edition, enthusiastically shared his message, saying:

Lahore Lahore ay, hello Pakistan I am coming again. I am coming to meet my cousins and brothers and sisters. I cannot wait to be back in Pakistan and I am so excited.

The other wrestlers including Badshah Khan, Chardonnay and Bram said that visiting Pakistan to perform in front of their fans will be a huge honor and that they had always wanted to visit the country.

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