Optix Fiber is Offering Free Upgrades to 100 Mbps This Eid

Optix Fiber is second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction and showing their zeal for the customers. Based on this auspicious occasion, Optix Pakistan has given all its customers up to 100 Mbps speeds during EID holidays starting from 14th June to 18th June, now that’s a wow factor.

Customers that are using low internet speed packages starting from 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps will be upgraded to 25 Mbps. Customers who are using mid-range Internet speed packages 15 Mbps to 32 Mbps will be upgraded to 50 Mbps and those who are using 40 Mbps and 60 Mbps will be upgraded to 100 Mbps.

Unlimited downloads and Video streaming in this promotional period will be free and filled with fun.


Optix Adds Netflix CDN to its Data Center to Make Streaming Faster Than Ever

For those who don’t know, Optix Pakistan offers FTTH broadband services on fiber in Karachi, Lahore and, Rawalpindi. All their customers receive the speeds they have subscribed to, unlike some other services providers where actual speed is usually a lot slower than promised speed. Optix Pakistan lives up to its name with performance and care for its customers.

It must be noted that customers may face service interruption of up to 10 minutes during the activation and deactivation of this double speed Eid gift and will need to restart their router.

Optix Pakistan is an emerging company which holds a lot of promise and is customer eccentric. It’s also confirmed they will be launching IPTV pretty soon.

      • PTCL is already offering GPON packages uptp 100mbps. Hence, PTCL’s GPON infrastructure can easily take it.

        • Care to tell us the coverage area of PTCL’s GPON? PTCL is covering barely 0.01% of Karachi with its GPON FTTH. The rest of its infrastructure is on copper which can’t even handle a regular old 8mbps connection let alone 100mbps.

          • You are comparing two different things. Comparison should be between Optix FTTH and PTCL FTTH only. PTCL offers other modes of connectivity too (DSL, EVO 3G, EVO 4G etc).

  • They are a typical Pakistani company that spends money on an advertisement but doesn’t take the time to make sure their site works properly for the expected influx of prospective customers. Optix’s coverage map on their home page is not working. Google says “This map is no longer available because it was moved to the trash. Please contact the owner to restore access.”

      • Dear gab Represent Optix- Rest assure that we are aware about the map- We have taken it down intentionally as we are updating the map Thanks

        • Well very stupid and ill planned time to update the map! Just after the offer.
          Please tell this to your ceo and paste his response. You sound too defensive

        • Your map has been offline for at least a week and your website was still working. So that’s an excuse.

    • This company is very much real. I am using their services and trust me its much better then PTCL.

            • LoL. I can understand your frustration. 8 saal se DSL use kr raha tha and har month pe dsiconnection ka problem aa jata tha. Then I changed my whole wire from house to pole. and i kept this practice after every 6-8 months. and net kafi stable chalna shru ho gya tha. make sure you are getting good SNR in DSL otherwise reduce ur speed or change ur wires.

              • I have done all those tricks… DSL will always has issues due to copper wire and local conditions where wires are hung from poles and broken down easily due to wapda or other works.

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