Patari Announces Its Investor as an Interim CEO After Resignation of Core Team

Patari, the music streaming platform, has received yet another blow as its core team has stepped down. According to a social media post by the company’s interim CEO Ahmer Naqvi, they “can no longer work freely under the values that brought us to it [Patari].”

The whole incident arose due to how Patari handled the issue involving its founder and ex-CEO Khalid Bajwa. Bajwa was accused of sexual harassment by two women after which Patari announced that he will step down from his post.

Now, after three months, there are reports that Khalid Bajwa will return as Patari’s CEO. The decision didn’t go down well with Patari’s core team, leading them to resign en masse from their positions in the company.


Six members in total resigned from Patari including its current acting CEO Ahmer Naqvi. The names include:

  • Ahmer Naqvi,
  • Mahwish Bhatti
  • Aiman Farhan
  • Sarah Fatima,
  • Shahan Shahid,
  • Fariha Awan.

Despite many reports claiming that Bajwa is back as Patari’s CEO, the streaming platform has denied all rumors through a social media post.

However, according to Ahmer Naqvi’s Twitter handle, there are still some internal differences over how the case is being handled. Here is the complete post:

Naqvi says:

While we waited for this audit to complete, all trust within the company was destroyed. Members of the company’s leadership, namely Mr. Bajwa along with co-founders Faisal Sherjan and Humayun Haroon, violated the company’s governance, undermined ongoing projects, and threatened the roles of the company’s management. During this time, Mr. Bajwa, who was asked to take leave from company matters while the audit proceeded, continued to operate with external partners as representing the company. An internal meeting made clear that some of the co-founders thought Mr. Bajwa had been unfairly victimized, and that further there was no room for many employees, including many of the undersigned, to remain in the company.

He then adds:

The immediate threats to our livelihood, our love for our work, and our futures enacted tremendous pain. It felt clear to us that while Patari, which had always sought as an organization to champion progressive ideals to the world, the co-founders were refusing to apply the same values to one of their own. One example of this hypocrisy was seen through the consistent online hatred faced by Patari employees, especially women, on social media by commenters who have continued to associate Mr. Bajwa’s actions with them – with no basis. But while these employees remained silent in order to respect the audit’s process as it continued, Mr. Bajwa continued to represent the company, ignoring the tremendous damage and trauma being faced by his erstwhile colleagues.

The New Interim CEO [Update]

Patari has now announced through its Twitter account that one of its investors and board member Rabeel Warraich has been appointed as the new interim CEO.

According to the posts, the controversial ex-CEO Bajwa has been removed as a member of Patari’s board as well.

This is a developing story. More details will be added as they become available.


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