Patari CEO Steps Down Following Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Earlier today, Khalid Bajwa, CEO of Pakistan’s most popular music streaming platform, Patari, stepped down from his position following allegations of harassment.

Two women have accused him of sending inappropriate messages online. Following these allegations, Patari’s official Twitter account mentioned that Khalid Bajwa will no longer be serving as its CEO effective immediately. The official Twitter handle also mentioned that investigations against him were ongoing even before the latest accusations.

Here’s the company’s official response to the matter:

What Happened?

It all started when two women came forward on Twitter and narrated their situations regarding Khalid Bajwa and how he harassed them in the past.

Mehravar Ali, one of the two women who came forward, mentioned that Bajwa made her feel “uncomfortable and overpowered” and that he used to give her “unwelcome hugs.”

Ali has also mentioned that she knew him before Patari was even launched, pointing to a long of history of facing such abuse from Patari’s ex-CEO during her time in college.

The second lady who accused Bajwa had this to say about her experience:

 “Bajwa used to force me to meet him. He would make plans that he’d pick me up from college and take me to his office.”

After this untoward encounter, she blocked him on social media. However, she alleges that Bajwa was able to contact her through her Instagram account and requested that she doesn’t say anything more about his behavior publicly since he is married and has a daughter as well.


Speaking to a local news outlet, the Chief Operating Officer of Patari, Mr Ahmer Naqvi had this to say regarding the recent developments:

“Our official statement is the only thing we will be saying right now.”

People have taken to social media to share their thoughts regarding the whole episode:

Mehravar Ali is thankful about the support she has received in light of this episode:

Problematic behavior needs to be called out:

The #MeToo movement continues on:

Update 1:

Rabeel Waraich, CEO of Sarmayacar, a prime investor behind Patari, has issued the following statement.  As of now, Ahmer Naqvi has been appointed as the interim CEO of the company.


This is a developing story and we will be updating it with new information as it becomes available.

  • I don’t see anything sexual in both of these accounts? FFS, women today are entitled, spoiled brats.

    • These kids (male as well as female) enjoy their fantasies and make suggestive gestures and conversations. Then suddenly decide its been too much – or perhaps they just grow wise or simply bored. Instead of admitting their own part in the play, they blame the other party and cry hoarse and lurid thereby attracting even more attention.
      Silence is a form of consent. Period. Especially when its known that the predator guy is married. Cmon girls, have some restraining shame at the least to court bachelors only. If one isnt faithful to ones wife, why would one be to you?

      Now, back to the startup. In such situations, the CEO steps down and evades proportional consequences. Why dont companies themselves sue their harassing CEOs? Anything short of that is simply connivance and an evil act to sweep it under the rug.

  • Larkian ajkal ki kuch Kam nae hain Agar in msgs pe sexual harassment ka case ho gaya hai to bas phir koi laonda kisi laondiya se chat karna he chor de bc. Matlb kuch bh. Agar ye sexual harassment tha to reply q de rahi hai usko. Character khud ka nae thek bc phir masoom ban jao

    • iss tarah tu hota hai, iss tarah k kamun mein. bhayya ye tu londun ka kaam hai na k ya tu baat na karein, ya saboot na chorein, ya aisi phansain ko blackmail na karay.
      ye mc aaj kal k londun mein konsa part kam hai k harr waqt londion k peechay hi bhagta rehta hai? biwi, bachi, hamsaee, cousin…bc kam az kam chaar jaga ek hi waqt mein taang phansi hoti hai. phir bhi siwaee biwi k koi teesri taang ko haath tak nahi lagati aur badnami alag.

  • Hi #Propakistani, news is serious in nature, you should give fair opportunity to publish version of other side #khalidbajwa.

  • copying a reply from the girl’s Twitter account:
    “Look here are two points…
    First… It clearly seems some messaging are missing from the conversation which really make it Doubtful about her view… What she said in those deleted conversation do we know? Not..
    Second did she refuse? No she just slightly ignored..”

  • We need to see both sides. In second case, how can one force someone to pick from college and take to office? I also want to know if bajwa forced you to to do some shopping or forced you to take gifts from him too? It is unfortunate and bad to harass someone which means approaching someone even after denial specually use position of power. Few lessons foe everyone. Try not to have affair in office in Pakistani culture. Also try not to get frank and remain professional in office. If yoy cannot control, Ask for meeting over tea but on rejection quietly move forward. Girls, if someone approach you give clear signal of yes and no. If you do not like approach, say clearly you don’t like it. If you don’t like bajwa hug you, just tell him you do not like it on first or second time. Being quiet is taken as symbol of consent and you are equally guilty. If someone does not stop even after you say no, then complain and/or resign so that perpetrator gets punished. This is what mature girls do. And we all need to remember, harassment is approaching forcefully without consent. And approaching should be in appropriate. If someone ask how are you today, it is not harassment.

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