Telenor Pakistan Gives Away its Network Management and Staff to Nokia

Nokia has taken over network operations of Telenor Pakistan as part of the plan to modernize and transform its network in order to expand its services to customers.

An agreement into this regard was signed between the two companies earlier in April and the partnership is expected to assist Telenor Pakistan’s network expansion and up-gradation goals along with increased penetration of 4G/LTE services.


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Under the deal, at least 233 employees of Telenor Pakistan will be handed over to Nokia. Under the scope of the deal, Nokia will manage the complete multi-vendor network operations for Telenor Pakistan, leveraging Nokia’s Global Service Delivery tools.

Additionally, Nokia will deploy its AVA cognitive services platform for the first time in the region, enabling new predictive and customer-centric approaches to network planning, optimization, operations, and maintenance.

The deployment of Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software will help Telenor Pakistan prioritize network investments based on insights.

The platform integrates cloud-based delivery, intelligent analytics, and extreme automation to deliver instant and flawless personalized services.

Telenor Pakistan officials had stated that the decision to on-board Nokia is in line with Telenor Pakistan’s ongoing strategy for network expansion, transformation, and virtualization.

Company has said that its ambition is to set up data ready operations by bringing capabilities of automation, intelligent field operation, smart planning and customer insights with new and advanced tools which we shall leverage through our new global partner.

“We are constantly bringing innovation to our technology domain in order to bring the true benefits and experience of digital services to our customers and we believe this partnership will give us access to a global pool of competencies in addition to bringing us one step closer to the fulfilment of our purpose of connecting people to what matters most”.

The two organizations will jointly redefine the way of work in its technology domain in order to harness their collective expertise and capabilities resulting in upscaling of competences, tools, processes, and networks around us.

The network will be managed around a model based on core competencies under which Telenor Pakistan will increase its focus on network governance strategy while field operations will solely be managed by Nokia.

The new model shall involve a higher level of expertise and resource sharing under which 233 engineers and technology experts from Telenor Pakistan has joined hands with Nokia to collectively lead the way by finding new and better ways of delivering services.

  • First Jazz did that with Ericsson. Now Telenor following same path with Nokia. I fear this would not be good / in favour of the employees being transferred. I hope they are going to enjoy equivalent employee perks and benefits with Ericsson and Nokia.

  • Nice move. Shukar hai chinese ko nahin becha, warna zong ki tarha 3rd class service hojati.
    European quality always the best

      • Zong the brand of China Mobile is the worlds largest mobile operator. Zong/China Mobile hardware/software/networks comes from ZTE which has the largest number of patents registered last year in telecom., networks worldwide. Hence the credibility of the operator by the hardware/software, and network equipment it deploys. It is the customer to judge.

    • Guess where and what is ETSI? ETSI is European Telecom., Standardisation Institution being followed worldwide. Even companies as Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile follow the standards. Its a non commercial entity, an institution.

  • NSN (Nokia Siemens Network) the merged companies failed in Pakistan. If they’re coming back with adherence to ETSI that will be great, Minus Siemens. Nokia to deploy AVA engine Cognitive services for the 1st time in the region. Deployment of cognitive Analytics for customer Onsight software help TP prioritize network investments based on insights. Technology domain benefits/experience of Digital serices to adhee UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 for enabling Disabled, Seniors, mental health patients the objectives of the United Nations SDG 2030.
    It is hoped the new venture will be to the benefit of Pakistan and Telenor, whatever decision is taken by Telenor management as they’re the licensee and will take very careful move to the risks involved. Best wishes, regards

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