Telenor 4G Speed – Giving you the Lifestyle that You Need

Without a doubt, data-powered mobile phones have transformed our lives. The use of smartphone and data in our daily life has reached a point where we cannot even imagine a day without it.

Over the years, data has become an intrinsic need for us, it has made our lives easier and brought solutions to some of the most tedious of tasks just a tap away.

Today’s fast paced world requires us to multitask, for instance, booking a ride from our mobile phone while browsing for the latest food deals in town or even shooting out an email.

To keep up with this pace, we need uninterrupted data experience and a high speed data-connection that allows us to get our day-to-day tasks done in little to no time. In a flurry of digital service providers, Telenor Pakistan offers an uninterrupted high speed data experience.

Speed is the essence of 4G internet and Telenor Pakistan’s high speed data network enables you to experience seamless connectivity to match your lifestyle.

Telenor 4G opens up a new horizon of opportunities for a multitude of wireless applications that help us stay connected and even change the way we work anytime and anywhere.

Last year, the company unveiled its new brand philosophy ‘Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’, along with its 4G expansion plans across the country.

Telenor Pakistan works tirelessly to accomplish its vision of ‘Empowering Societies’ through various digital and financial initiatives couples with high speed internet access on the go that are designed to cater to the needs of today’s customers.

The need for high speed mobile data is one of the customers’ main demands and the company greatly values and cares for its millions of customers across the country.

Social Media and content apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have played a significant role in attracting huge traffic on mobile internet in Pakistan. Moreover, the launch of online shopping portals, internet banking and roll-out of mobile money transfer services by most of the mobile phone companies have increased the demand for mobile internet & 4G networks.

For Telenor Pakistan, the customer is at the heart of everything that it does and it reflects in its brand narrative of ‘Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’.

Over the years, the company has consistently provided its customers with the products and services they need while bringing them closer to what matters most to them. The network’s pursuit of always delivering according to customers’ expectations propels them to provide high speed, uninterrupted data through Telenor 4G.

The kind of speed that goes beyond just letting users stay connected around the clock, rather serves as one the greatest contributors in transforming the lives of people in Pakistan by helping them discover new possibilities.

  • No cell network is providing stable 4G coverage in Faisalabad city. Villages main to chalta he nahi.

    Pata nahi itni coverage kahan expand kar rahay shayad Afghanistan main.

    • Agree with you but have you tried Zong? If not, give it a try. If you can get sufficient signal strength in your area, it works amazing even at HSPA+ if not LTE.

      • Yes dear. In my opinion Telenor is the best network in terms of rates, quality, customer support, performance.

        But I started gaming on mobile Internet few months ago. Telenor and Warid/Jazz internet freezes during movements between cell towers.
        Then I ported into Zong one month ago. Expensive network, very poor customer support, poorly built app and website. Still my focus was Internet quality. Its better than Telenor but not very stable. Even Faisalabad city isn’t covered with 4G by Zong. Can’t talk voice internet calls on 4G.
        Now I am using Zong with 3G only mode. Its stable but stops sometimes. Isnay bhi 100% sahi nahi chalna to kia faida aisay network ka jiske dosri chezain bhi achi nahi.

        Telenor main 350rs main monthly guzara hota tha, Zong main 700Rs say. Zong aisa network hay ad sms ata hay Zong kay ad sms roknay kay liay Y likh kar reply karain. Y likh kar bheja agay say jawab agaya you have subscribed to falan falan charges falan.

        Monthly card old ka internet khatam ho chuka main new card tab tak nahi laga sakta jab tab old cancel na kar doon. Un subscribe sms command bhej raha hon kuch nahi hota. Aisay maslay aam hain Zong main shuru waqt say.

        Shukar hay 1gb every month for 6months MNP offer milli hoi.

      • Zong was good in past but things are changed now. One can’t get more than 5-10 Mbps on their 4G network in most areas/cities. They’re running short on spectrum while keep adding more customers.

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        Wese bhi, pesa kisay acha nahi lagta?

        • Bhai haftay mai 5 6 copy paste articles, 2 sponsored articles plus sat-sunday full (off) mojaan to pop ups to aayen gi na? Lol

  • I’m a telenor customer. Generally i use zong mbb at home and use telenor’s data when outside. I have a very bad experience about telenor. It stops working when you have an emergency.
    Telenor’s package is a little cheap 2200/75gb as compare to zong 2500/65gb. Sometime i plan to shift to telenor but my bad experience stops me.

  • I have been using telenor since 2006 and still using it because of my family but let me tell you clearly that telenor sucks as far as internet speed and call quality are concerned.

  • Well, my experience is neither good nor bad with telenor. Packages are attractive. Coverage footprints are good. Internet speed is average but sometimes it just stop working for no fuckin reason.

  • zong and telenor both are good in browsing only.
    When you upload or download any thing these devices will stuck.
    So reviews for telenor and zong 4 g 2 stars from out of 5 stars

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