Xiaomi Launches Affordable Gaming Mouse With RGB Lighting and More

Xiaomi has unveiled a new affordable gaming mouse, called the Blasoul Y720 Lite, that has all the essential features including lighting effects and a decent DPI range.

It’s actually a slightly trimmed down version of the Blasoul Y720, launched last year, and the main difference is just that DPI has been reduced from 12,000 to 7,200. Other than that, the lite version gets the same build quality and affordability seen in most Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi BLASOUL 7200DPI Gaming Mouse


The first thing to notice is the RGB lighting effect, that keeps changing colors as you use the mouse. The design is round, and sports good-looking grip enhancers on the sides.

There’s a thumb rest too and has been carefully designed to improve right-hand ergonomics. Additionally, the Y720 lite has seven buttons (3 customizable) which can be used for both in-game controls and to change settings on the fly as well.

Xiaomi BLASOUL RGB Gaming Mouse

Most of the features and specifications are top-notch, it has been crafted using a sophisticated TPR+ABS injection molding process, with a BabyFace coating (for a skin-like feeling) on top that is stain-resistant, and can also be wiped easily without having to worry much about scratches or marks.


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Additionally, Xiaomi added micro-motion 2000W click life, a 48 MHz 32 master chip for precision, an accurate and swift PMW3360 optical engine, and 5 different DPI presets for fast switching. In short, you get most top-tier features seen on expensive products from high-end brands.

Price & Availability

Now, this is where it gets interesting, the Blasoul Y720 lite costs just CNY 349 (~Rs. 6,400), which is not bad at all for a high-end gaming mouse that has the latest features including RGB lighting areas. The lighting effect has 16.8 million colors and 360-degree viewing angle with no dead corners.

For now, its only available in China and can be purchased anytime via Xiaomi Youpin.

  • 6400 Rs is cheap? Xiaomi is famous for copying the product.
    In that price range, you can easily buy a good logitech, razar, steel series or corsair mouse.

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