International Wrestlers Arrive In Pakistan For Wrestling Event

Several famous wrestlers known worldwide for their blistering performance in the ring have arrived in Pakistan. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) shared this development and mentioned that these wrestlers will be competing in many Pakistani cities in 2018.

As per the statement, the pro-wrestling events featuring these international superstars will be held in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi in August this year.


International Wrestling Superstars Make History in Pakistan

The Participants

These are the wrestlers who will compete in Pakistan:

  • Raymond Thomas Latimer from the UK,
  • Nicole Tanea Brooks from the USA,
  • Andrew Harrison (UK), and
  • Haris Fiaz from France.

The wrestlers visited the ISPR headquarters and received a warm welcome upon their arrival.

Ring of Pakistan and Pakistan Army’s media wing are collaborating to promote sports initiatives across the country. The event is aimed at encouraging the international athletes to visit Pakistan, indicating huge strides made in restoring law and order throughout the country.


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This is the second time that international wrestling superstars will be coming to Pakistan. Last year, top names like Wade Barrett, Carlito, Badshah Pehlwan Khan, and Xtreme Fury lit the Pakistani crowd as they competed in the local rings. The year’s event is anticipated to be equally entertaining to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

  • A million dollar question, what is the purpose of meeting ISPR or ISPR Call them to Pakistan. Who the **** are they? should we call paid security for the Border.

    • “Ring of Pakistan” is an international event organized by a private firm headed by Asim Ali Shah. ISPR is only a partner of this event. In case you don’t know, Army has been promoting various sports activities around the country even before you were born. It has also trained many sportsmen who are now (or were) part of national teams.

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