Sindh Food Authority Shuts Down 2 Nimco Factories

Sindh Food Authority (SFA) has increased its raids against unhygienic food processing units.

SFA raided 2 nimco factories, sealing them over the allegations of filthy conditions and substandard material.

The food authority launched a grand operation against unauthorized nimco factories located at Buffer zone, North Nazimabad Karachi. SFA carried out these raids with the help and support of local police.


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According to SFA’s Director of Operations, Abrar Ahmed Shaikh, they carried out these operations to curb substandard nimco sales and production. The two raided factories are named M/S City Nimco and M/S Hafiz Yousif Nimco, and have been in operations for 10 years.

Abrar Ahmed Shaikh told that the nimco was being manufactured in very unhygienic conditions. The raw material used in nimco is also of a very low standard. Both manufacturing units had no license and had never been tested in any laboratory. The labor force working in the factories also did not have the proper gear either.

“The labor working in both factories was in a filthy and a very unhygienic condition and had never been issued a medical fitness certificate. Some of the labor was found suffering from skin diseases.” Abrar told.

All kinds of pests like cockroaches, lizards, and mice were found there and the raw material being used in manufacturing was hazardous.

Director Operations disclosed that these factories were working as bulk suppliers of several big name brands selling nimco products. Branded companies packed this nimco under their brand and sold it in retail shops.

Both factories have been sealed and a fine has been imposed. The local police was directed to keep an eye on them to maintain order. Manufacturing will continue after obtaining a valid license from SFA and clearance of the products after laboratory tests, said Director Operation.

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