Here Are the Funniest Memes From the FIFA World Cup 2018

From Neymar’s diving antics to Modric’s tireless running, this world cup has seen it all. The greatest footballing competition hasn’t been short of shock exits as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and Portugal all were shown the exit door.


No competition is complete without the on-field drama, nail-biting finishes, breathtaking solo moves and … memes.

In that same vein, we present to you our roundup of the best memes from the FIFA World Cup 2018.

“It’s Coming Home”

English fans have come up with the “It’s Coming Home” slogan. Looking at how far England has come during the tournament, the thought of the trophy really going to English soil doesn’t seem to be surprising anymore.

Harry Maguire Talks

A photo of English centre-half talking to his girlfriend went viral and became the perfect meme material. The defender himself decided to hand us a laugh or two as well.

The Maradona Memes

The Argentine legend’s antics have always been in the news. And that was the case during this World Cup as well. He’s perfect meme material as you can see below:


Neymar Can’t Stop Rolling

Neymar got trolled for his ‘juvenile’ display during the World Cup. He is the player who created the most chances for his team at the tourney, yet these chances didn’t amount to much most of the times. And then there’s that one moment where he just went down in a ‘legendary meme’ way:

And here is that #NeymarChallenge. 14 minutes is a long time and they say VAR wastes time?


Of course he was part of the memes, seeing as how the World Cup is being held in Russia. You can see the Russian President in memes here:

Cissé’s celebrations

The Senegal coach knows how to celebrate. And social media seems to agree.

Alisson Bursts the Balloon

Alisson burst a balloon and we had unlimited meme supply. Here are a few honorable mentions.

English fans?

Wait for it.

Batsman’s Hit

Michy Batshuayi, aka Batsman, tried celebrating Belgium’s goal and it didn’t go exactly as planned.


There are still two matches left before the World Cup ends so expect the meme factory to keep churning out good ones.

Which World Cup meme was your favorite? And why?



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