Careem Redesigns its App and Adds Useful Features

Careem has announced a major refresh for its app and has added a number of new features for both iOS and Android users.

If you haven’t received the new version yet, you might have to manually update it from your device’s app store.

So what are the new features? The design theme is pretty much the same as before but there are some new tools to make the process to book a ride easier.


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Now, you can add details and some guidelines for a Careem Captain before booking a ride so that its easy to find your location. Other than that, the interface has been changed to make it simpler to tweak ride options, such as ride type, and scheduling.

New ‘Details’ Button

This new option appears when you select your pickup location. Right after you pick a location, a grayed “Details” button appears right next to your selection, and you can tap it to manually input booking details to make it easier for a Captain to find you.

Details Button in Careem App

You can input things like the street name, house number, some details of your surroundings, and anything you think is relevant. It makes the whole process more streamlined, as you won’t have to call your Captain each time to help him find your house. This is especially useful for crowded areas and confusing streets of some cities in Pakistan.

Scheduling & Ride Type

The new update also comes with a faster way to schedule your rides. Just hit the calendar button – it has been made bigger and more visible – to quickly set a booking time using vertical sliders.

Scheduling Careem Ride

Additionally, you can now use a simple pop-out drawer to select the type of ride you want to book. Most of the interface has been shifted closer to the bottom of the phone so it’s easy to use with one hand. For most of us, Careem is a daily go-to ride-hailing service, so we often need to book a ride quickly.

The new interface shifts all the important tweaks to a convenient location, which can easily be tapped with your thumb especially while using your phone with just one hand.

Careem New Interface Design

Fare Estimate

In the previous version, users had to open a separate window to get a fare estimate for their route. Now, you’ll get the total expected fare just as you book a ride. It will show up right next to your selected drop-off location.

Careem New Disgn Fare Estimate

If your app didn’t automatically update to the latest version, you can always update it manually. Visit the download links below to get the latest version.

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