Shaheen Air Fails to Bring Back Stranded Pakistanis from China Even After SC’s Orders

Despite Supreme Court orders, Pakistanis stranded in Guangzhou China have not been brought back home. Shaheen Air International (SAI) aircraft was faulty and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) did not give permission to fly the aircraft. To bring these Pakistanis back, SAI will now charter an aircraft.

Supreme Court, on media reports, ordered SAI to operate flights and bring back Pakistanis stranded in Guangzhou. SAI told the apex court that on the last moment CAA stopped its aircraft from flying. The court ordered to arrange an alternative way to bring these Pakistanis back to the country.

Spokesperson CAA told ProPakistani that Chief Justice ordered to only use airworthy aircraft to bring back the stranded Pakistanis.

The spokesperson also said that CAA permitted SAI to operate 2 flights for Guangzhou to bring back Pakistanis trapped in China. SAI aircraft for this flight was not airworthy and CAA stopped this aircraft from flying. CAA took this decision for the safety and security of passengers. Till the time that this aircraft is not fully fit, CAA cannot allow flying it.

“During an inspection, it was disclosed that the aircraft needed to replace important equipment. On this ground, CAA declared SAI aircraft un-airworthy,” the spokesperson told.

SAI Spokesperson Zohaib Hassan told ProPakistani that at this time about 46 Pakistanis are in Guangzhou and waiting to return home. “CAA stopped SAI from operating flight NL-892 on technical grounds. SAI plans to operate a flight to Guangzhou to bring back these passengers. CAA is preventing SAI from completing its services.”

“SAI was implementing court orders. CAA raised a technical issue with the aircraft at the last minute which will cause severe inconvenience for the passengers and also raises CAA doubts about their intentions. We are now in contact with other charter carrier companies,” Zohaib told.

“CAA did not extend any help to SAI in resolving this issue. At the last moment, CAA raised the issue about the aircraft’s ability to fly. This shows a negative behavior of the regulator,” Zohaib said.

SAI is now looking for an alternative way to resolve the issue. SAI established contact with different charter airlines to rent an aircraft to bring back these Pakistanis.

“SAI will bear the expenses to bring back Pakistani passengers to the country,” Zohaib added.

SAI is the only airline which operates flights for Guangzhou from Pakistan. On the nonpayment of dues, CAA withdrew all facilities from SAI to operate its international flights except flights to Saudi Arabia. CAA claims that SAI has to pay Rs. 1.5 billion. This matter is under trial in Sindh High Court.

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