Peek Freans Sooper Is Bringing Back Junoon the Band

Peek Freans Sooper has brought back everyone’s favorite band – Junoon!

There are two things that are entrenched into the culture of Pakistan. Tea-time and music. We as a country love our tea and consequently we love our biscuits too, as biscuits go hand in hand with our love (bordering on obsession) with tea and the culture surrounding it.

Peek Freans Sooper is that one brand that has assimilated so deeply within this tea-time ritual of ours that it has cemented itself as a cultural phenomenon in our oh so diverse country.

Sooper has made sure every time with their campaigns that the spirit of nationalism flies high. Sooper has demonstrated patriotism and has been a trendsetter for other brands with its marketing strategies. For instance, leading by example, last year Peek Freans Sooper bagged the Guinness World Record title for the Largest Cookie Mosaic shaped into the Pakistani flag.

The other big culturally defining entity that makes us all so Pakistani is music. Music has always been a defining part of the Pakistani identity since the country’s inception. We look back at each era of Pakistan’s past through the lens of music. No era brought with it a barrage of iconic bands and music stars like the 90s did and no band rose to such worldwide acclaim, popularity and cult-like following like Junoon had in the 90s.

The blaring vocals of Ali Azmat, the epic guitar solos of Salman Ahmed and the groovy basslines of Brian O’Connell brought a new era of music for Pakistan. Hits like Jazba-e-Junoon released in 1996 still hold up – generating roaring reactions from cricket stadiums across the world. Their cultural impact on Pakistan is undeniable. The first true rock band of Pakistan – Junoon have garnered legendary status in the Pakistani proverbial rock and roll hall of fame.

Peek Freans Sooper Junoon

Just as this reunion of the ages was all but a figment of the imagination, a dream that would never come to fruition, Peek Freans Sooper announces the comeback we’ve all been waiting for! Junoon is back!

Peek Freans Sooper answers our prayers by bringing together the most iconic musical act of Pakistan in the same way they’ve brought the different people and cultures together through their initiatives and persona as a brand that is so entrenched into the fabric of Pakistan.

With our nation’s independence just around the corner and the cultural and democratic strides our nation has achieved in recent memory – the stars could not have aligned more perfectly as the country’s most loved biscuit brand and the nation’s most iconic rock band pair up to reignite the Junoon in us all!

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the Junoon reunion, and we hope Peek Freans Sooper keeps knocking it out of the park by bringing us such great surprises!