PCB is Launching a Sports Channel Dedicated to Cricket

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has started initial preparations for the inception of its own cricket channel.

According to sources, Najam Sethi said that an application has been submitted to PEMRA for the license of the cricket channel and the board is still awaiting a response.

This is a huge achievement as out of all the Test playing nations, Pakistan will be the first one to have its own TV channel. The source also disclosed that the channel will broadcast all the matches along with pre and post-match analysis.


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The channel will have talk shows, analysis and news updates. Furthermore, various cricket-specific documentaries will also be played to further improve the quality of the channel.

Talking about the details, Najam Sethi said:

PCB is purchasing air time through open tender for showing live cricket for 80 days and added that besides international cricket, the domestic cricket and Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches would also be broadcast on the channel to which the matter of air time would be settled.

This is indeed a great step from PCB. It will help revive the passion for cricket amongst the Pakistanis and will be home for all the cricket fanatics.

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