5 Massive Changes Leaked for the Upcoming Apple iPhones

As we all know, the leaks come piling in as we get closer to a major phone release. The same thing happened with the Galaxy S9 and, more recently, the Note 9.

This time we have a report from TrendForce revealing juicy new details about the upcoming trio of iPhones.

According to the analyst, Apple is upgrading the storage options, RAM, decreasing price and adding something Steve Jobs mocked during the original iPhone’s announcement.

Apple Pencil and Storage

This year, Apple will release a regular iPhone alongside iPhone X’s successor and its Plus variant. The latter two iPhones will be getting Apple Pencil support, according to TrendForce. No Apple Pencil for the regular iPhone though.

Originally, Steve Jobs famously rejected the need for a stylus on the iPhone, but the trend seems to be shifting with the upcoming iPhones. This was only natural, given the increase in screen size on the recent iPhones.

The next leak is about Apple joining Samsung with its own 512 GB storage variants for the iPhone X and X Plus this year. No 512GB memory for the regular iPhone (9?). The company is going back to offering three storage options, this time with 64, 256 and 512 GB options. Apple originally shipped three storage variants with a 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB option.

RAM and Price

RAM will also see a bump this year, the new iPhone X and X Plus will ship with 4 GB RAM while the iPhone 9 will stick with 3 GB like the last year’s iPhone 8 Plus.

The 4th leak from TrendForce says that the iPhone 9 will start at $699 (same as iPhone 8, but with a bezelless display) while the iPhone X successor will be priced at $899, a $100 drop from last year.


Lastly, Apple will bundle a fast charger and a USB-C to lightning cable with the new iPhones. The company has been selling the fast charger and cable separately for $49 and $25 respectively. In essence, this saves you $75 on top of the $100 drop in the upcoming iPhone X’s price, making it a very competitive deal.

The iPhone 9 seems to be the better deal out of all three new models, thanks to its new display tech. It will come with a “Full Active LCD”, with bezels as small as 0.5mm (current iPhone X has 1mm bezels) and the exact same design as the iPhone X. The lower price also helps.

Is any of this accurate? As with any leak, we can’t say for sure. Take all this with a grain of salt.

Via Forbes

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