Research Reveals How Much Money People Need to be Happy

Do you think money doesn’t correlate with happiness?

Money definitely buys you happiness, but up to a point and not beyond that, revealed a study by Gallup World Poll.

The study has created a satiation point for income beyond which money doesn’t buy happiness, rather leads to a number of issues like stress and whatnot.

The cut-off varies with geography and gender as well. Money leads to a satisfactory lifestyle from job to home and enjoying the things you love, however, beyond a certain point, the increased income levels do not correlate to satisfaction.


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The life-satisfaction survey was conducted across the world with around 1 million respondents rating their lives on a scale of 0-10 along with their annual incomes.

Gender-wise Satiation Point

Women need more money to be happy as revealed by the survey.

Gender Satiation Point (US Dollar 2016)
Female 100,000
Male 90,000

Region-wise Satiation Point

The geographic location plays a major role in determining the cut-off above which money leads to no further happiness.

Australia/New Zealand have the highest satiation point of $125K whereas Latin Americans are happy up till the cut-off income of $35K. The global average remained at $95K.

Region Satiation Point (US Dollar 2016)
Australia/New Zealand 125,000
Middle East/North Africa 115,000
East Asia 110,000
North America 105,000
Western Europe/Scandinavia 100,000
Southeast Asia 70,000
Eastern Europe/The Balkans 45,000
Sub-Saharan Africa 40,000
Latin America/ The Caribbean 35,000
Global 95,000


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