Careem Begins Pilot for a Delivery Service in Pakistan

Branching out its platform services, Careem piloted parcel delivery service in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar in August. Through this affordable delivery service, Customers will be able to send, track, and receive small items, like keys, documents, pharmacy pickups, laundry etc. The service is now available to only 5% of the total customer base but will be fully functional and available for all the customers by the end of the year.


The launch of this service is a reiteration of Careem’s vision to expand into a technology ecosystem and provide solutions to its customers’ day to day problems through digital tools. The customers can now choose ‘Delivery’ car type in their Careem Apps and select the pick-up location of the item. They can then add the information of the item they need to be delivered in the details section and add the drop-off location. Upon delivery, the user will pay the price of the item plus the fare of the ride.

book a Careem delivery ride

Careem has recruited and trained separate captains, other than those working in its ride-hailing fleet, to ensure top-quality service for the users. The service is also significantly more affordable than a passenger car type.

“Careem delivery service is for anything from forgotten keys to important documents to lunch from your favorite restaurant. We have kept it simple and competitively priced so people can use the Careem App they already have on their phones and know that the same level of service and training will be brought on the table. We want our customers to have a one-stop solution for all their mobility needs, parcels or otherwise,” said Nashit Nawiwala, Operations Manager, Careem Bikes and Deliveries

The launch of the service highlights how fast Pakistan’s digital companies are moving to outdo the competition and Careem’s commitment to remain a market leader with customized solutions for its users. Careem will also launch similar services in the months to come, which will not only facilitates its users but will also create more jobs in the country, eventually affecting the economic growth of Pakistan.


  • Better they start shifting service lot of times its a big hassle to shift household Items from one place to other if they could collaborate with Truck drivers that might be a game changer…

  • This type of service is common in foreign countries but this service is not of one city to other city. This is only under the premises of one city. Sader to Malir, Nazimabad to Saudabad, clifton to New Karachi etc. Payment to freight charge will be upon Buyer or Seller. There will not be effect upon job of TCS, TNT or Post office. This is called here Quick Service with full prof of honesty and time.

    • What’s stopping them from offering inter-city deliveries in future? They already have inter-city are travelers. All they need to do is put the parcel in the same car that is moving from (let’s say) Lahore to Islamabad on the same day and deliver on doorstep.

      • LHR to ISB with same day Delivery ?
        Have you checked TCS TNT Etc Same Day Delivery ?
        Even TCS etc they charged you better then Careem Same Day Delivery the cost of Careem Same Day Delivery is too expensive.

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