Punjab’s Information Minister Bans Vulgar Billboards Outside Cinemas

Punjab’s new Minister for Information and Culture Fayaz-ul-Chohan finds himself at the center of another controversy after a viral clip of him speaking about the state of Pakistani film industry went online.

Chohan was recently invited to a cultural event in Lahore that was organized in honor of Mujahid Hussain, a well-known musician. The event featured a mixed gathering, with many people from Pakistan’s showbiz industry in attendance as well.

Controversial Remarks About Pakistani Film Industry

The trouble started when Fayaz-ul-Chohan, who holds the title of the provincial information and culture minister, started to ‘speak his mind’ about Lollywood.

In his controversial speech, Chohan mocked certain actresses from Pakistani film industry. He stated that as things stand, the local film industry is indulging in ‘immorality’ and that there needs to be a check on this.

Shockingly, Chohan quipped that people should watch porn if they felt frustrated. He ordered the authorities to ensure that all billboards with vulgar content be taken down across the province. He also warned cinemas, telling them that they will be shut down if they don’t comply with his directives.

As one may have guessed, the crude manner in which the inexperienced minister chose to speak has resulted in outrage over social media. Many people are also calling for the Punjab government to take action against him in light of his remarks.

Punjab culture minister warns advertisers against displaying obscene ads or posters in public featuring ‘half-naked women.’

Perhaps given his relative lack of experience at holding a political portfolio for the first time in his career, or by getting carried away, Fayaz-ul-Chohan’s antics have left many people disgusted. Some of his party members, such as Aleem Khan, have also apologized for his behavior, citing his lack of experience in a leadership role so far.

Image Credits: DailyPakistan

  • I really don’t mind it at all, after all he is a Punjabi and he is revealing his Punjabi culture. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • I tried to follow his advise, but keep getting the error message “The site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership from within Pakistan.”

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