You Can Now Fill Out Your Tax Returns Offline With FBR’s Windows App

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched an offline application enabling taxpayers to prepare their Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement, without using the Internet, to resolve connectivity issues often faced by the taxpayers.

The application, called Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data Exchange), has been prepared and launched by the Information Technology (IT) Wing of the FBR to facilitate the taxpayers.


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The application allows the taxpayer/E-intermediary to prepare data related to Income Tax return and wealth Statement in Offline mode. This application will help taxpayers to prepare Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement without using the internet, overcoming the issue of connectivity they face locally and during the peak hours.


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After preparing the statements in offline mode, the same can be uploaded to FBR’s repository seamlessly.

Previously, the application allowed a taxpayer/E-intermediary to prepare data related to Sales Tax returns including sales invoices, debit/credit notes and sales tax withholding, in offline mode. FBR had promised an upgrade in the coming months which would enable the application to be used by the common taxpayers.

You can download the application from here.

  • I didn’t check the application, but its Welcome innovation, much needed, they should update it for everyone ASAP. and as Mr. AW suggest, create Android/IOS App as well.

  • This is too much technical for a common man. They need to simplify the solution since solutions are meant to fix a problem, not create new ones

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