Bahrain Has Temporarily Banned Pakistanis from Entering the Country

A number of Pakistanis have voiced their concerns over the social media regarding the discriminatory behavior from the Bahrain authorities, saying that they are not being allowed entry to Bahrain.

The local companies are also facing issues in getting work permits and visas for Pakistani workers from Labor Market Regulatory Authority.

Gulf Daily reports that Pakistanis entering Bahrain are facing a temporary ban. The authorities have put new visas for Pakistanis on hold while those who are already present in the country are being sent to police stations for fingerprint verification.

Pakistani passport holders in Bahrain are being ordered to reach their nearest police stations with all the official documents for manual verification.

Authorities are also in touch with several companies in the country to get the details of Pakistani employees employed by Bahrain-based firms and employers.

A banker working in the country believes that no-objection certificates (NOCs) will be issued, following the verification by the authorities.

Several people have highlighted the issue on social media, complaining that they were not even given a valid reason for the entry ban. The matter has been raised in a bid to get the attention of the Pakistani authorities so that the issue can be resolved and Pakistanis working in Bahrain can live in peace.

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