Bollywood Gets Trolled After Portraying Arfa Tower as ISI HQ in Movie

Bollywood is a widely followed film industry, not just in India, but across the border as well. Pakistanis love Bollywood movies, and there’s no denying that.

More often than not, Bollywood has been known to be rather economical with the truth, and this time the Indian film industry has made itself a target of ridicule in both Pakistan and India.

A recent Hindi language film “Genius” has managed to attract quite a lot of chatter over social media. The film is being trolled left, right and center for showing the Arfa Karim Software Technology Park building as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Headquarters in one of the scenes.

A real-life IT facility being portrayed as the much dreaded headquarters of the enemy spy agency? Surely they must be joking.

Hilarious as it sounds, the blunder was noted by Chairman of Punjab IT Board (PITB) Umar Saif as well. He posted a clip of the movie under the caption ‘Arfa technology park making waves beyond borders’.

He also suggested that Bollywood get better script writers to avoid such bloopers.

You can see the infamous scene in action here:

The movie stars Mithun Chakraborty and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. One should’ve thought that a movie featuring a superstar like Nawazuddin might have invested more in its research.

Bollywood’s hilarious lack of understanding aside, Pakistani Twitterati have made sure to take the movie’s scriptwriters to the cleaners following Umar Saif’s tweet.

Let’s see how the genius(es) behind Genius were trolled.

Not even close.

IT? Nah.

ISI trainees exposed.

In the next movies, maybe.


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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Feature Writer

  • This is how India brainwash their people against Pakistan since 1947.

    India defame Pakistan on every possible platform. Even it is YouTube, Facebook, Media or Comment Sections.

    On the other hand we Pakistanis just take it as a joke and do nothing about it.

    India has a huge social media cell where people work against Pakistan on Internet. Check Tribune’s comment section as one example.

    • absolutely right. Pakistanis commit criminal lethargy by just ignoring it and not countering their white lies. That’s why they have been successful at painting Pakistan as a dangerous state for the world.

  • It is certainly true that ISI is much smarter than those running Arfa Tower !!!

    We need some accountability this side of the border too.

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