Pakistani Ambassador in US is Upsetting India

Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui is already causing concern amongst Indian diplomatic circles. Ali’s efforts to lobby for a favorable defence deal for Pakistan by a major Jewish American group is paying dividends as far as the Indian response is concerned.

According to a leading Indian daily Economic Times, Ali Jehangir’s meeting with the chairman of the powerful  Jewish American Congress (JAC) has already yielded positive results. The group has endorsed Pakistan’s demand for more defence deals between US and Pakistan. JAC’s chairman has called for closer defence cooperation between the two partners in the war against terror.

Given these developments, the Indian lobby is worried that Pakistan may well break out of its pariah status at the State Department, given as how the country did not have any well-wishers this side of the Capitol Hill, until now.

The influential group’s endorsement of Pakistan’s demands means that despite India’s attempts to isolate Pakistan internationally, the country is not lacking for critical support. In fact, the Economic Times reports that Jack Rosen, the President of JAC, is supportive of Ali Jehangir’s arguments calling for closer cooperation between the US and Pakistan.

The JAC, it should be mentioned, is a semi-important group as far as US Jewish organizations are concerned. Such is the state of disbelief in the Indian camp that they have intensified their efforts to attack Mr Rosen’s support of Pakistan. Mr Rosen enjoys association with three former US Presidents, Obama, Bush, Clinton, all of whom he’s friends with. There’s no discounting the fact how important having powerful friends at Washington can be for Pakistan’s interests.

Economic Times says that the Indians are frustrated that Mr. Rosen has already started to speak in favor of Pakistan. He has admonished Trump for not listening to an ally, despite the countless sacrifices Pakistan has made in the war against terror.

“Showering encomiums on Siddiqui, Rosen takes President Donald Trump to task for dedicating his first tweet of 2018 to Pakistan giving “safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan”. He laments the Pakistani people “must feel abandoned, their sacrifices in vain,” adds the Economic Times.

It seems remarkable to say the least, and speaks to Ali Jehangir’s skills for keeping diplomatic channels open to argue Pakistan’s cases better. Even in the time of President Trump, as US Pakistan remain in dire need of a reset, Ali Jehangir is already making an impact by arguing why punishing Pakistan seems counter-productive at best. By cultivating a network of powerful allies at the Capitol Hill, it is hoped that Pakistan’s point of view will be better understood. And Ali Jehangir may just be crucial in accomplishing that goal ever since assuming office at May 2018.

  • I remember back when Nawaz Sharif appointed him there was massive uproar against him and PML-N. PTI was opposing this guy just because Nawaz Sharif had appointed looking back it was one his many good decisions.

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