AMD Launches Ryzen APUs for Laptops

After cementing its lead on the desktop front, AMD is now taking steps to take up the fight to Intel in the laptop market. The Taiwanese chipmaker is unveiling its new Ryzen laptop chips that bring both power and efficiency.

The new laptop chips come with fairly powerful graphics, which is expected as they lie in the APU category. They should be available in future high-performance laptops. The new laptops include Ryzen 5 2600H and Ryzen 7 2800H.

Both chips are similar when it comes to core and thread count, with 4 cores and 8 threads. The main difference between the two is the GPU.


The Ryzen 5 2600H chip comes with a base clock of 3.2 GHz, with a peak clock of 3.6 GHz. It comes with an integrated Vega 8 graphics processor, which comes with 8 compute units, 512 streaming processors, and is clocked at 1.1 GHz.


AMD Launches New Ryzen Processors for Pre-Built Computers

The Ryzen 7 model, on the other hand, has a base of 3.3 GHz, with a peak of 3.8 GHz. There’s also a Vega 11 graphics processor, a step above the one on 2600H, clocked at 1.3 GHz. It comes with 11 compute units and 704 streaming processors.

The laptops have a base TDP of 45W as well as an L3 cache of 4 MB. The TDP can range between 35 and 54 W, allowing a wide-range of machines to use the chips in varying price ranges. Speaking of price, AMD was mum on that front. However, it’s safe to assume they won’t cost more than their Intel counterparts.

AMD Ryzen 2000 H-Series APUs
Via Anandtech

Laptops running on the chips will be available in the coming few months.

Via AnandTech

  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California

    AMD is NOT a “Taiwanese chipmaker”.

  • One more clarification:

    Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) is a series of 64-bit microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), designed to act as a central processing unit (CPU) and graphics accelerator unit (GPU) on a single die.

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