TCL Launches C6 UHD TV Series in Pakistan Starting From Rs. 95,000

TCL, one of the world’s top three TV brands, celebrated the launch of their C6 UHD TV Series in Pakistan with an event held at the Nishat Hotel on the 28th of September 2018.

The Business Consul, The People’s Republic of China, His Excellency, Mr. Wang Jian, was the chief guest at the launch event which was an opportunity for attendees to discover the features of the C6 series and was widely attended by both celebrities and media personalities.

C6 — 49 inch Rs. 95,000
C6 — 55 inch Rs. 1,30,000

The all-new C6 UHD TV features AI technology, 4K HDR Pro, WCG and a Harman Kardon sound bar, delivering a powerful in-home entertainment experience in an ultra slim, edgeless display.

The C6 comes equipped with the Google Assistant, which allows users to control the TV simply by talking to it and built-in Google Chromecast functions. These eliminate the need for complicated and time-consuming navigation and allowing users to stream content directly from their mobile devices.

Speaking about the C6, Sunny Yang, GM TCL Pakistan stated that:

I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of the C6 UHD Premium TV. With its innovative features and elegant design, it fully embodies our goal to share smart products that deliver a refined and immersive viewing experience to the users.

The new TV comes with a built-in HDR Pro system, WCG technology and Micro Dimming to enhance display quality, while the Google Android TV OS gives users the best Smart TV experience along with lots of content to enjoy on the screen.

His Excellency Mr. Wang Jian, Business Consul, The People’s Republic of China to Lahore addressing to the large audience at the occasion said, “China and Pakistan have a good positive relationship, we are very happy to have strong economic ties with Pakistan. TCL’s presence in Pakistan is another remarkable step towards strengthening further the bilateral trade relations between the two countries. China is also the largest FDI country in Pakistan and I am confident that this relationship will continue to flourish in the future also”.

TCL is one of the leading players in the Global Consumer Electronics industry with a global presence in over 150 countries. TCL has emerged as one of the Top 3 Leading LED TV Brands in Pakistan in 2017 with a particular focus in High-End 4K UHD and Big Size TVs, in which it has a significant market share.

  • RIP to Not Mentiooed Price :

    TCL WebsitesShowingg PKR 99,900

  • Leo

    The articles starts with a joke, “one of the world’s top three TV brands”,,,, secondly we dont get HD media from our cables operators so what the use of UHD device ?

    • Syed Zarar

      TCL TVs are ranked 3rd in global market.

    • Ammar

      You want to watch Geo News in 4K? Or you want to see Mubashar Luqman in 4K?

      • Not all watching those.

      • Mohsin Mahesar

        install dish antenna on roof and rnjoy hd 4k channels

    • hahahehhehe

      seriously we 4k blu rays are the real thing

      • Ahmad

        No one has been able to crack 4k BluRays, 4k movies content available in torrents are from NetFlix streaming videos, low quality….

        • hahahehhehe

          First 4k blu rays movies have been cracked and second I didn’t said about torrenting it I am talking about buying actual physical blu rays

  • What’s the benefit of this TV in Pakistan? Not even single provider offers full HD let alone UHD. Only useful for streaming youtube/netflix or locally downloaded videos.

    • hahahehhehe

      4K blu rays

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Andriod baswd TV are not good for smart use as you will face various issues and errors while using basic Apps.

    LG and Samsung somehow managed to ensure compatibility by using their own cuatom OS (Like web OS etc)

  • hahahehhehe

    who would buy this over a MU7000 which is far better

  • Ahmad

    TCL TV k models k jo features america aur europe mein hain, wohi features pakistan mein nahi, sirf model name same hain jaisy k “P6 UHD”

    • AbdulB1

      they are twice the price in Pakistan too … looters