Deadly Snake Found in New Islamabad Airport

A deadly snake was seen at the New Islamabad International Airport, local media reported Tuesday.

Reports suggest it was a Kobra snake that made an appearance at the airport’s apron.

The management swung into action and killed the deadly reptile soon after media started flashing the news.

It was the second time that a snake has been found at the newly-built airport. In July this year, another snake was killed by the airport staff.

Authorities have not taken any precautionary measures despite receiving several complaints in this regards.

The frequent appearance of venomous snakes has put airport and security staff in fear because the first aid treatment for snakebite is not available at the facility.

Earlier this month in a similar incident, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) suspended the airport manager after stray dogs were seen wandering in the facility’s lounge.

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had inaugurated New Islamabad International Airport on May 1, less than a month before the end of PML-N’s term.

The new airport, built at a staggering cost of over Rs 100 billion in the capital, was completed in 13 years.

It has been constructed with several security covers including sirens built with motion sensors. The airport has Airport Security Force, Rangers and the police personnel stationed at the grounds.

Despite being labelled as the world-class facility, it often makes headlines for mismanagement. During the monsoon rain in the federal capital, the airport could not resist the first round of rain as its passenger terminal was inundated by the rainwater.

  • Snakes are never killed these days abroad. The new Airport should have a security perimeter and with it should be installed Anti-Snake mesh. No snakes will sneak in from outside. While any such creature found needs to be captured and relocated outside the Airport.

    But yeah, that’s all ideal. Will never happen in Pakistan.

    • Here in the USA, there is a powder sold called Snake Away™ which is sprinkled around the area to be protected. The powder confuses the snakes’ sense of smell (which is centered around its Jacobson’s Organ), and the snake mistakenly believes that it is choking. It then slithers and runs far, far away!

      • Superb! that must be circulated around Isb airport authorities, management must take adequate measures like you said.

  • I don’t think one could stop snakes from entering in Airport. Medicine for a bite of snake should be there. If they are not having it then its a sign of worry. Snake do exist all over Pakistan. Now winter is coming, snakes and frogs will be gone soon for 3-4 months.

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