Saudi Arabia Reduces Visa Fee for Pakistanis by 85%

After approving a multi-billion dollar support project, Saudi Arabia has also agreed to reduce the visa fee for Pakistani expatriates who reside in the Kingdom.

Asad Umar, Finance Minister, announced this on Thursday evening in a press briefing.

Umar, while speaking to the media, said the Saudi government has reduced the visa for Pakistani workers by up to 1700 riyals. The new visa fee is 300 riyals. It should be mentioned that this visa fee had been increased to 2000 riyals back in 2016.

Notably, the KSA government had decreased the fee for Indian workers on the request of PM Modi in May this year. However, no such concession was made to Pakistan during that time.


Saudi Arabia Gives $6 Billion in Economic Aid to Pakistan

Talks on the reduction of the visa fee, as well as on making the visa process easier were initiated between the two countries when Prime Minister Imran Khan last visited the Kingdom in September this year.

However, no progress was made until his second visit earlier this week. Upon his request, the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman assured him of the changes in a few days.

The step will serve as a boost to the Pakistani workforce in Saudi Arabia and will also facilitate the travelers from both countries.

During the two-day visit, the Saudi government has also agreed to provide Pakistan with a loan of $3 billion for one year as a balance of payment support.

The Kingdom will also provide oil worth $3 billion to Pakistan on one-year deferred payment.

  • Just came back from the visa agency That deals with the main Islamabad embassy.
    There’s been no reduction in the visa fee yet, it still being 2000SR.

    Is there a credible source that could verify this news, wether its been implemented yet or not?

  • This fee is family visit visa fee for expatriates living in KSA. Previously, this concession was given to Indians and some other countries where family visit fee was reduced from 2,000 to 300 but it was unchanged for Pakistanis.

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