Google is Giving Away $25 Million to Those Who Want to Use “AI for Good”

Google is holding a $25 million competition for developers to find better ways to use artificial intelligence for societal good by 2019.

The competition is a part of the tech giant’s AI for Social Good Program. The event is being called “Google AI Impact Challenge”, which will allow selected organizations to take funding from a $25 million pool (arranged by as well as credits and guidance from Google Cloud.

In addition to that, selected parties will also get access to Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program, and will be able to work in collaboration with DataKind – a data-science non-profit organization.

The company wrote in a blog post:

AI—computer programming tools that help us find patterns in complex data and make everyday products more useful—already powers a lot of technology around us, and is addressing some of society’s biggest unsolved challenges.

Google cleared that you don’t exactly have to be an AI expert to apply. All sorts of researchers and nonprofit welfare workers can take part if they have a good project in mind, or want to help brainstorm an idea.


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The company also has educational guides and workshops across the globe for those who want to know more about AI and how it can be used to deal with real-life problems.

Some of the similar programs by Google include an AI software to help protect endangered whale species in the ocean, as well as another program that predicted wildfires in forests.

To read more about the program, click here.

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