Apple Officially Slows Down Last Year’s Flagships, Calls it a “Feature”

Apple rolled out the latest update for iOS, namely iOS 12.1, yesterday. Among the useful bits like fixing the charging issues plaguing the iPhone XS and XS Max, it came with a rather nasty surprise.

Contrary to its previous statements, the company has brought back the infamous “performance management feature” for iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

For those who don’t know, Apple slows down the phones using the power management “feature”. This is done in order to avoid unexpected shutdowns due to worn out batteries in older iPhones.


Apple to Slow Down Newer iPhones With Hardware Level Throttling

According to Apple, these phones (mentioned above) have more advanced hardware and software design, and therefore, the effect will be less noticeable. Still, prepare to get slower app launches and just slowdowns in general in these phones following the update as you might still be able to see the issues.

The US-based tech giant had previously stated that the ‘feature’ was not necessary for these phones; however, it did not stick to the plan.

Last year, when Apple had planned to slow down the smartphones, and when this information leaked, they covered it up with a claim that this was a “feature” they wanted to introduce to solve the battery problem in older phones.

The feature has, however, introduced a significant improvement which will fix the charging issues faced by the latest batch of iPhones so not all is bad.

Power Management will come into effect as soon as the phone starts experiencing issues, but it can be turned off through a toggle. The newest function would notify you when the phone’s battery has degraded.