How to Ensure Proper Security For Your Credit or Debit Card

The recent revelations made by an official of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have raised serious concerns among the public regarding the protection of data pertaining to their debit/credit cards.

Only a week ago, Pakistan faced its biggest data theft when BankIslami’s data was hacked. While the State Bank of Pakistan has directed the banks to take immediate measures to prevent any such incident, you can also contribute to your own protection.


Here’s How and Why BankIslami Accounts Were Hacked!

Here’s what you can do to guard yourself against data theft:

Keep Updating Your Contact Information

Update your contact information like Mobile number, address etc. regularly with the bank. It will enable the bank to notify you about any suspicious transactions.

Regularly Check Your Account Details

Keep checking your account balance and transaction history, so that you are aware of any activity that you cannot recognize.

Keep Changing Your Banking Codes/Passwords

According to the State Bank’s instructions, you should change your online banking passwords and card codes every month or at least every two months.

Keep the International Online Use of Your Card Restricted

Make sure that the international use of your card is restricted. If you have to do an international transaction, remove the restriction temporarily and apply it again after completion.

Report a Suspicious Activity Immediately

If you come across any suspicious activity regarding your card like a purchase, report it immediately to your bank, so that they can block your card at once.

  • In my opinion best security would be to introduce paypal and attach Credit/Debit card in it which restricted to be use-able only with PayPal to make payment.PayPal takes customers security very seriously and have good buyer protection.

  • How do you guys disable international use?.. Most banks have it enabled by default such as HBL or SCB.

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