ECP Details Online Voter Registration Date & Criteria for Upcoming By-Elections in Lahore

The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that registered overseas voters will be eligible for e-voting for the upcoming by-elections in Lahore.

As per ECP’s rules, only registered voters who meet a certain academic qualification will be eligible to cast votes. This criterion was put forward to ensure that the process and standard of e-voting isn’t compromised.

Based on ECP’s announcement, e-voting for by-elections in PP-168 will be held on December, 13.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf nominated Malik Asad Ali Khokar to contest PP-168 in Lahore. The provincial seat was left vacant after Khawaja Saad Rafique of PML-N took oath as Member National Assembly last month. PML-N still hasn’t nominated its candidate for this seat.

Registrations Open

Prior to the by-elections, voter registration is open on ECP’s website between November 13 to 27.

ECP has announced that e-Voting will be employed for the by-elections in Lahore.

Previously, e-voting was carried out as a pilot project on October, 14.

Online voting was introduced in the by-elections in order to give greater say to overseas Pakistanis in the country’s electoral process. It was given the go-ahead after the Supreme Court passed a ruling for its use, therefore allowing overseas Pakistanis to vote remotely.

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