Model Town Administration is Blocking Mobile Towers to Blackmail Telcos: Report

The Model Town Society administration has blocked more than thirty mobile phone cell sites of two cellular companies for a reason best known to them.

According to well-placed sources in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), over thirty cell sites of a foreign and a local cellular company have been closed in the Model Town Society of Lahore.

The Model Town Society is considered among posh areas of Lahore and holds significance because several renowned political and apolitical personalities live there including Sharif brothers, Khwaja Saad Rafique, and cricket commentator Ramiz Raja.

Due to the closure of these sites, thousands of residents of the society are facing mobile phone and internet service issues.

As per sources, the new administration of the society had ‘requested’ the cellular companies to ‘help’ one of the society’s pharmacies by providing medicines worth more than Rs. 15 million.

Upon the company’s refusal, the administration disconnected electricity supply to their cell sites. When cellular companies approached the court, the diesel supply was also blocked for the cell sites and the society’s guards were placed around the cell phone tower sites.

The companies have brought the matter into PTA’s knowledge, and today, one of the affected companies has sent a message to its users in the area informing them the reason behind cellular interruption.

The companies have also sought provincial government’s support and have asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to intervene.

  • A state in a state who give provision for this offense govt should come down hard against black makers

  • They are doing the same to broadband providers and cable tv operators. The whole corrupt management of Model Town needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Literally, all these societies are blackmailing the service providers. Be it Model Town, Bahria Town or DHA. They are depriving the residents with basic IT facilities like mobile communication and internet in the name ‘exclusive contracts’. Who in this world authorized them to grant IT contracts? Bahria Town Lahore is not letting any other internet provider to install cables except PTCL, while DHA Karachi is blackmailing Stormfiber. This need to be addressed at national level by PTA and Federal Government. The government should intervene at this ‘state within state’ behavior of societies’ administration.

  • In Islamabad some towns are not allowing Nayatel to operate. They want all the residents to use PTCL. There should be a complaint cell for these cases

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