Pakistani Receives “Role Model of the Year” Award in Norway

A Pakistan-origin Norwegian, Azizur Rehman, has received a special award for his tremendous work for the welfare of children and young people of the  Norwegian minorities.

Azizur Rehman, who is a broadcaster and a social activist in Norway, received the honor for his extraordinary work for immigrant communities of the country.

Minister for Children and Equality and Social Inclusion (BLD), Linda Hofstad Helleland, presented the award to Aziz at a ceremony held at Nobel Peace Centre in the country’s capital Oslo.

He vowed to use the prize money of 50,000 Norwegian Kroner (PKR 800,000) for the welfare of children and young people in the immigrant community in Oslo.

Over the years, Aziz has been volunteering for the immigrant communities at Søndre Nordstrand locality in Oslo.


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He also runs a Radio named ‘Voice of Oslo.’ The radio is aimed to promote foreigners’ voice with social commitment.

Rehman thanked the Directorate for the award.

“Really, the children and youths with minority backgrounds need role models for their better future. They have many good opportunities in the society, but they need motivations,” he said.

The award titled ‘Arets Forbilde’ (Role Model of the Year) is given every two years to people who have dedicated their time to the welfare of children and the young.

The winner of this award in 2016 was also a Norwegian Pakistani, Lubna Mehdi, who was recognized for her work for deaf children.

  • Great news!
    Shows that Pakistanis can really contribute positively to society and helps our image globally! Given that the last award was also won by a Pakistani lady, this is really very encouraging indeed.
    Good job Lubna and Aziz, you are the REAL face of Pakistan.

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