T2 Security Chip in Apple MacBooks Doesn’t Allow 3rd Party Repairs

Apple’s “walled garden” approach for its ecosystem has received no shortage of criticism. Everything from software alterations to jailbreaking voids the warranty on their products.

Simply put, Apple ensures that its customers always come to Apple for after-sales support of any sort, which isn’t exactly cheap.

The Security Chip

More recently, the company added a T2 security chip in the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, and Mac mini. This chip enables a multitude of features on the above-mentioned devices, including Touch ID which is used to unlock the new MacBook Air, for example. But this chip also ensures that you don’t get 3rd party repairs of any sort on your Mac.

According to The Verge, Apple has officially confirmed that the T2 chip runs diagnostics when you turn your Mac on after a component has been changed. If it detects “unauthorized” hardware, it will brick your device, making it unusable and unrepairable.

Authorized Service Providers Only

Any additions or replacement parts you want for your Mac should come from Apple’s Authorized Service Provider (ASP) network. According to an official Apple document, whoever repairs your Mac will have to run a specific software diagnostic tool which only Apple Stores or ASPs have access to.

The listed parts which need to be repaired this way include the display, logic board, top case and Touch ID for MacBook Pro and the flash storage for the iMac Pro. You can’t get replacements for these from non-Apple repair shops. This also applies for the MacBook Air and Mac mini.

Apple’s Intent

This move is probably aimed at reducing 3rd party repair shops’ market share and also to ensure that you always get your Apple devices repaired at the right (read: expensive) place.

If you’re planning to buy a new MacBook in Pakistan, you should make sure that you get it repaired from either an authorized Apple Store or from an ASP, both of which aren’t easy to find.

Via GSMArena

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  • This would’ve been a great move, if Apple’s machines were some extraordinary military grade high tech stuff, which they just aren’t. This is purely anti-competitive and money sucking evil plan by a company which has proven to suck their customers dry (who, just love to get sucked dry).
    I hope someone files a lawsuit against Apple for doing this, or the least, people stop buying their overpriced junk.

  • Apple is popular because of it’s security features. This is good for those who buys mac due to its security. Yes it is costly but you are safer than before

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