Beaconhouse and City School Say Govt’s Suspension of Registration is Illegal

Beaconhouse School System and The City Schools, in a joint statement, have stated that the government’s order to cancel registration for the two schools holds no legal value.

The two schools alleged that the move was in violation of the orders of Supreme Court, and the Sindh High Court. They said it was directed at jeopardizing their reputations.

The statement claims that as per the Supreme Court’s order on October 1, private schools were supposed to deposit any fee increase of more than 5 percent over the previous year with the SC registrar “within three months.”

It further added that private schools still have more than one and a half month before the deadline – which falls on December 31st.

“The management of Beaconhouse and City School can only, therefore, conclude that the said order was intended to malign their names and promote a negative sentiment amongst their parent bodies. Both institutions are law-abiding bodies and will be replying to the Directorate as per their legal and constitutional right,” it added.


Sindh Govt Suspends Registration of City School and Beaconhouse

The Education Ministry of Sindh on Wednesday temporarily canceled the registration of Beaconhouse school system and The City School over noncompliance of court’s orders.

As a result, 56 branches of City school in Karachi and 65 campuses of Beaconhouse system were closed.

The department gave seven days to both schools implement court’s orders of increasing fee not more 5 percent per annum.

In case of noncompliance after the due date, all the campuses of two schools across the metropolitan will be sealed in Judicial Magistrate’s presence, it said.

  • Fees should be fixed cannot increase for 2 years, Each different class can have slightly fees. But jump in fees should be banned.
    Because salaries don’t increase yearly, but fees do…

  • There are horror stories of teached getting 10-15 thousand per year for teachers in lower classes such as Nursery to 4th standard in Beaconhouse. BH on one hand are asking hefty fees and on the other hand, they ask students to bring stuff from home such as Pizza Day(each student bring a pizza), party day (each student bring smaosas etc) and stupid stuff like that. There are parents who want to give their child the best possible education and are willing to pay higher fees for schools such as these but this is a crime to charge such hefty fees. All managers of the BCH come in Prados and LandCruisers. They are getting super rich

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