Bikers Without Helmets Barred from Traveling on Peshawar Road Rawalpindi

Authorities in Rawalpindi have imposed a ban on bikers, who are not wearing a helmet, from entering the Mall Road/Peshawar Road as an attempt to prevent accidents in the area.

The authorities have put this ban amid rising accidents. As per the details, the reason behind the death of 16 people in 46 different accidents in the past 10 months has been that the riders were not wearing a helmet.

Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Dr. Omar Jahangir said that the life of the citizens is very valuable to them and many lose their life just because of not wearing a helmet.

He told the media that they are about to launch a campaign, in collaboration with the city traffic police, to ensure and promote the use of a helmet.

Bikers Barred from Traveling on Peshawar Road without Helmets

Notably, the administration has set up stalls in Rawalpindi for people to buy helmets at a reasonable price.


Lahore Police to Fine Bikes Without Side Mirrors From November 1st

Islamabad administration has also banned heavy bikers from entering the residential areas between 9 pm to 6 am.

Apparently, residents of Islamabad have been complaining about the noise coming from the heavy bikes and the traffic congestion. Acting upon the complaints, the authorities imposed a ban that will be effective till next notice.

Likewise in Lahore, the city traffic police has banned the entry of bikers on mall road without helmets.

  • Why the official notification only mentions helmet? Why no side mirrors? THIS is what’s wrong with Pakistan. On one side, traffic police in Lahore is also trying to implement Side Mirrors, and here there is no mention at all for other city.
    There needs to be a unified system across Pakistan for such changes and their implementations.

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