Sindh Government Reduces Ban Duration on Pillion Riding

The government of Sindh has withdrawn its previous notification and issued a new one which suggests that the ban on pillion riding across the province shall now be for four days.

According to the latest notification issued late on Friday informs that the multiple people will not be allowed on a bike from 10th to 13th Rabiul Awal (from November 19 to November 23).


Sindh Govt Bans Multiple People on a Bike Until 29th November

Moreover, the government has imposed a ban under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

As per the notification issued by the Home department of Sindh,“use of loudspeakers, pillion riding, carrying or possessing or playing of provocative audio, video cassettes and material containing provocative speeches and inciting sectarian hatred and the assembly of five or more persons except for Chup Tazia Juloos and rallies and gatherings to be held in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi.”

Earlier on Thursday night, the Sindh government had imposed a 10-day ban on pillion riding.

The decision was widely condemned on social media and by the opposition ministers as a large number of people travel on motorcycles. The uproar compelled men in power to revised their decision.