Daraz Introduced 11.11 Sale For the First Time in Pakistan

The leading e-commerce company in Pakistan, Daraz.pk, brought the world’s biggest sale day to the country called 11.11. The one-day sale was sponsored by Unilever, L’Oreal, P&G, Nestle, Mi, PEL and Haier – as well as HBL as one of the financial partners and Telenor as the telecommunications partner.

The sale focused on truly personalized and supercharged lineup of activities and broke several sale records. The 11.11 sale was first of its kind in Pakistan and Daraz was at the forefront.

The company is dedicated to revolutionize the regional e-commerce space.

What is 11.11?

11.11 started in 2009, when Alibaba, Daraz’s parent-company, positioned it as Asia’s answer to Black Friday. Fast-forward 10 years and the headlining 11.11 sale is ready to make the journey to Pakistan.  

The one-day event posts unequaled sales numbers, four times that of Black Friday. Customers can look forward to a fully personalized shopping experience, in addition to massive mega deals, flash sales, thousands of brand vouchers, mystery boxes, discounts from banks, giveaways and more.

The one-day sale event on the new Daraz App will be the biggest to date for the e-commerce company.

When is 11.11?

11.11 is the numeric short-form of 11th November. On 11th November 2018, Pakistan will greet the sale phenomenon with open arms and carts.  

Managing Director Daraz Pakistan, Ehsan Saya, shared his thoughts on the upcoming flagship sale, 11.11 is poised to disrupt Pakistan’s e-commerce industry. Once you experience what the Daraz App has in store for you, you’ll be able to draw a line in the sand and say: that was Daraz before 11.11; this is Daraz after 11.11. It will mark a paradigm shift. 11.11 is about more than just deals and discounts – it will bring our entire digital ecosystem into play: a combo of artificial intelligence assisted personalization, entertainment, massive deals, secure payment solutions, and an assortment of more than 2 million products.

  • it wasnt sale , its called deceptive marketing, All the items listed are double in prices compared to local market , if not anyone from Daraz post reply here i will prove it

  • All the items on sale were more expansive than the market rate. On normal days as well the rates are at least 10% higher than the market prices. After this experience, I have decided to never shop from daraz anymore. Daraz has deceived everyone in Pakistan and if it was in US or Europe it would have faced extreme penalties for false and deceptive marketing. A boycott of daraz would only suffice as a penalty to them for making a mockery out of Pakistani people.

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