Pakistan Gets Another Restaurant in a Plane, This Time in Chitral

If you are a regular reader of ProPakistani, you may remember that there’s a restaurant in Skardu that is housed inside a jumbo jet. And then there was another aircraft in Karachi which was refurnished and customized by the Airport Security Forces (ASF), turning into a bona-fide luxury restaurant with a killer view.

Apparently people loved these places, and it put another enterprising businessman into action. Because now, if you happen to live in Chitral, you too can enjoy having a lavish meal with your loved ones inside a plane.

Presenting the Friendship Restaurant in Chitral

The Friendship Restaurant opened its doors just recently on 25th November. It has proven to be a hit with the locals in no time, thanks to its steady and robust menu that serves quality food at an affordable price.

The restaurant was built on a re-purposed PIA AP-ALN Fokker plane which was parked outside a facility in Balach, Chitral to serve as a full-fledged restaurant. Basically, this jet crash-landed and went out of commission a few years back. The plane was bought by a businessman who turned it into a bustling restaurant that you see today.

But enough talking. Here are some pictures of the place:

Great for Families. Great for Youth

Thankfully, the management of Friendship Restaurant is looking to cater to all ages and groups. The restaurant will feature an area for families, where they can enjoy peace and privacy, and partake in the ambiance without worrying about rowdy teenagers spoiling their outing.

And not to worry, if you are looking to go to the restaurant with a couple of your pals, they’ve got you covered too. Apparently, there will be another area for a bunch of people who are looking to have a good time.

Parking space has been taken care of too, as the management rented out space for it. This way the congested Balach road will be kept clear. Security arrangements are also in place as well.

Worried about the weather conditions? There will be separate arrangements made for chilly and sunny days, with three separate rooms earmarked with adequate heating and cooling solutions.

Sounds like it deserves to be experienced once, so when are you going?

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