SNGPL Introduces Devices That Cut Your Gas Bill By Half

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has introduced special gas-saving devices for the winter season that can cut your gas bill by half.

The introduction of these smart devices is part of the company’s plans to ensure the uninterrupted supply of natural gas to consumers throughout the winters.

The government has, on Tuesday, announced it would not carry out gas load shedding during the winter season.

Following the government’s vision, the SNGPL has introduced gadgets which would not only save natural gas during the crunch time but also control the bills.

These gadgets are ‘conical baffle’, ‘geyser timer device’ and a ‘solar water heater’.

Geyser Timer Device: As evident from the name, the device is installed in the gas geysers and can be operated through your smartphone. You can set a timer by using your phone and the device would automatically turn the geyser down after a pre-determined time.

Conical Baffle: This device is also installed in the gas geysers and it helps to stop wastage of natural gas.

Solar Water Heater: The solar water heater is another gas-saving, bill-friendly device which not only keeps water warm for a longer period but also helps the consumer get rid of the gas bill.

How to Get the Device?

If you are interested in cutting your bills to half, you should waste no time and contact SNGPL’s helpline. The number is given below:

Helpline: 1199 or 042-99204581

You can also type info and send it to 0332-4317776 for more information from the department.

  • been available since 3 years, and been printed on gas bills.
    but market people always told me not to use these baffles as our geaser aren’t made in quality to hold them.

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