WAPDA Officials Allegedly Manipulated Bidding Process for Diamer-Bhasha Dam

The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has been alleged of manipulating the bidding process of Diamer-Bhasha dam in order to award the contract to a local firm that does not hold the required expertise and experience.

Chairman Wapda has also disclosed, in a TV interview, that the contract will go to a local firm. In fact, a German Joint Venture (JV), what qualifies for the contract, has been dropped for no explicit reasons.

The Wapda officials, who have been dealing with the matter, say the contract is being awarded to a local firm because ‘it is easy to handle.’

Transparency International Pakistan has called on Chairman Wapda to look into the allegations. TIP urged the Chairman to take necessary action against “all those officers involved in corrupt practices and direct the department to follow the PPRA Rules, to avoid mis-procurement charges against the Wapda,” if the allegations prove to be true.


WAPDA Receives Pre-Qualification Bids for Diamer-Bhasha Dam

It is pertinent to mention here that the Wapda issued the Request For Proposals (RFPs) in November last year calling for the prequalified bidders to present technical and financial proposals to select the best form of consultants out of three competitors.

However, the authority did not declare the nomination after evaluation of seven months. Rather, it started convincing the National Development Consultants (NDC) to reject the German company and coordinate with a local company, the alleged favorite.

Word has it that the NDC did not oblige. NDC has also provided its services in the construction of Gomal Zam Dam while partnering with the same German firm.

Nevertheless, Wapda has issued a fresh RFP, which has been “designed with manipulative provisions,” according to the Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan (ACEP).

ACEP Letter to WAPDA

ACEP has written a letter to Wapda Chairman, stating deep concerns over few provisions embedded in the RFP which are in violation of relevant regulations such as PPRA Rules and PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) Regulations; which deny “level playing field to the Pakistan consultants experienced in this field.”

It further states that “In a JV, the partners, whether local or international, are responsible jointly and severally; as such, awarding contract only on the shoulder of the local consultant is not legally tenable.”

“In Pakistan, there is no such local expertise for the design of such magnitude of roller compacted concrete structure in a highly seismic zone and even any local consultant is bound to induct international consultants who must invariably be for his professional liabilities.”

Via: The News

  • The amount collection for dam construction is still in the infancy stages, while the butchers are all ready to do their dirty work !!! – such a shame.

  • That’s what Chinese companies do all the time that they make deceptive & manipulative RFPs, so that the contract eventually goes to their partner chinese firms

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