“Digital Baithak” Brings Together 200 Digital Enthusiasts from Across Pakistan

The first episode of ‘Digital Baithak – Seekhna Seekho’ was held in Islamabad and attracted over 200 participants from 30 cities across Pakistan.

There were seven speakers and a panel discussion. The event took place from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Digital Baithak is a joint collaboration of KNCT and BeingGuru with the aim of promoting freelancing culture and tech talks in Pakistan.

The idea of the movement was conceived by Hisham Sarwar, who is a freelancing icon in Pakistan along with Saad Hamid, a Digital Evangelist from Islamabad.

The idea behind the event was to empower people with digital tricks and trade of surviving and starting a career online.

The event was hosted at KNCT in Islamabad. The session was moderated by Muhammad Yousaf.

The first talk of 15 minutes was conducted by Saad Hamid who told the audience about the importance of ‘Finding Opportunity in a Digital World’.

The second speaker of the event was Ayesha Fazal-ur-Rehman, a Harvard University graduate who has teaching experience of over a decade. She also has a passion for writing and her talk was titled ‘Learning for Life.’

The third talk was delivered by Tariq Tahir who emphasized the ‘Importance Of Good communication Skills in freelancing.’ In his talk, he highlighted the importance of listening properly as the most important part of effective communication.

Dr Afshan Huma spoke on the topic ‘Invest in yourself‘. She highlighted the importance of investing in ourselves. She talked about the social pressures on the students such as comparison, grades and stopping students from unleashing their true potential.

ProPakistani founder Aamir Attaa was the 5th speaker. His topic was ‘The Art of creating Content’.

Aamir spoke about the hardship faced in spreading the word out about the content, the importance of creating a good content and how it is done.

“If you provide information, it is content. Even your jokes and work is content. You only have to figure out the best way to present it,” he told the attendees.

Dua Naveed spoke about the importance of design philosophy and presented her thoughts about creating KNCT logo and the famous 100 days of PTI Government logo.

The last speaker was Hisham Sarwar, the co-founder of BeingGuru. His talk was about ‘My top 10 rules of success’. He highlighted the missing attributes in people who want to become successful.

The organizers of the event plan to take this momentum to a bigger scale in future and take this brand to all major cities of Pakistan.

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