Careem CEO is the Only Pakistani in Bloomberg50 List for 2018

The Bloomberg50 for 2018 is out, listing the remarkable individuals who defined the global business in 2018. While many similar faces from 2017 can be seen on the list, most of the names are new.

One such names is that of Careem’s co-founder and the only Pakistani in the list, Mudassir Sheikha.

With the likes of Mukesh Ambani (Asia’s riches mogul), Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, and the Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, Karachi-born Sheikha has joined the list.

Mudassir Sheikha, the CEO and the co-founder of the ride-hailing service, Careem has been included in the technology and science category of the Bloomberg50 list. He raised $200 million in October to grow into mass transit and deliveries.


Careem & Airblue Partner to Give Exciting Offers to the Customers

Bloomberg, listing Sheikha, notes: “Sheikha’s six-year-old company has more than 1 million drivers in the Mideast and northern Africa, allowing customers to book bikes, golf carts, rickshaws, and boats, in addition to cars.”

This has made Careem an attractive potential purchase for Uber Technologies Inc., which Bloomberg News reported in September is in discussions to acquire it for as much as $2.5 billion.

“Sheikha is also using his clout to support One Million Arab Coders, an initiative that offers online courses in website and mobile-interface development, and he puts on a hackathon in Ramallah and an artificial-intelligence-oriented summer camp in the United Arab Emirates,” it states.

Notably, the Bloomberg list is to have a look at people whose accomplishments were noteworthy in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, finance, and technology and science in 2018.

Via: Bloomberg

  • At least he is a true face of successful technology entrepreneur in Pakistan and can rightfully be credited with creating jobs through Careem. The so-called rich dads’ kids who are the pseudo entrepreneurs are good for nothing nothing and they are just a drain on the resources of this country along with the likes lthose in the previous government having gobbled up billions in the name of IT. PITB and ITU are a living example of IT drama besides PASHA.

    • Rich dads kids? You seem awfully jealous. Were you not able to raise money from some of them? How have they gobbled up the country’s resources? If they are rich and wasting their own resources that’s not the same as gobbling up country’s resources. It is their own.

      Look at international VCs. By the way some of the biggest VCs in the USA were seeded by high net worth individuals. Tread carefully.

  • All is good but Careem’s drivers or “Captains” are the problem. Like typical pakistani awam, they will leave no chance to cheat and fleece money from you with different jugaar’s they have learned with the app. Their billing system is a mess and super flawed.

  • Mr. Mudassir Shaikha suggest to please evaluate for an ambulance in cars of Careem. The front seat on left with full recline can accomodate a patient on the seat, at low cost, hassle, and a quick ride to the hospital. If this is incorporated in all Uber taxis big or small, this will bring you launch your own IPO in the Wall Street which Uber successfully launched, and SoftBank. This is already an optional upgrade in Toyota Prius seat. There could be a standard lever that will take the full recline manually, for a patient to reach the hospital. Also we are nearing to the launch 5G that will make the monitoring cars on the roads, and surveillance.

    • Mr. Mudassir Shaikha suggest to please consider Ride Sharing software in Careem taxi ride hailing service in Karachi. This will help women/families pick up colleagues, friends, from their address to their destination homes, work, recreation etc., and can be managed safely with their Closed User Group software. In view of the public transport constraint please enable all your cars in Karachi to this, and monitor closely for any bug, or mishap to the remedy of the bug in your software. Regards Haroon Rashid

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