MINIX Enters Pakistani Market With Multiport Adapter & Wireless Keyboard

MINIX, an international company established back in 2008, is officially bringing its accessories with dynamic designs to Pakistan for the first time.

The company develops a wide range of products such as Media Hubs, USB-C cables and adapters and so on. Their products have attracted a lot of attention at the international stage due to premium build quality and useful innovations.

Today we’re looking at two of MINIX’s finest products:

  • Neo C-X (USB-C Multiport Adapter)
  • Neo K2 (Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad)

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Neo C-X — Rs. 7,999

There is no denying that USB-C is the future; it takes less space which can ultimately help the designers create slimmer and sleeker devices and on top of that, it can offer a better speed as compared to the older generation of the USB.

Keeping its wide variety of use cases in mind, most companies like Apple have already migrated to USB-C. The new 2018 Macbook and MacBook Pro come with USB-C charging ports. However, where devices such as Macbook are making their devices futureproof – their current applications and users are suffering.

To bridge the gap between futureproof devices, MINIX, like many other companies, has introduced its premium adapter. It delivers versatility to power users to expand the capabilities of their USB-C devices.

The Neo C-X offers a total of 7 ports, which can all be used simultaneously. The ports include:

  • HDMI output (4k @ 30Hz)
  • USB 3.0 ports x 2
  • Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbps
  • USB-C (Only supports pass-through charging)
  • Micro SD and SD card reader port

The build of the product is all aluminum other than the plastic coated cable. The USB-C connector is also covered by aluminum which shows the attention to detail.

HDMI and USB-C ports are present on one side whereas you will find 2 USB slots along with card readers on the opposing side. The Ethernet port is located at the left-most side of the device.

Overall, the device is 90.5mm x 56.5mm x 15.0mm and is available in four different colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Gray.

Neo K-2 — Rs. 3,999

If you are looking for a wireless keyboard then Neo K-2 is an option you should consider. Despite its sleek and compact design, the K-2 packs all the keys found in a conventional keyboard.

The K-2 also comes with an attached trackpad, which is precise but does not support any gestures.

Pros Cons
Sturdy metal build The key spacing is quite odd
All conventional keys are present Ctrl button not the left-most bottom
The key travel is exceptionally good Does not have Bluetooth capability. Only supports dedicated dongle.
Typing isn’t as difficult as some other mini wireless keyboards Dongle uses a full USB port

To conclude, the keyboard is a great choice if you desperately need one. It is compact and typing speed on the K-2 will improve if you use it long enough. The trackpad is an added bonus at the price point.