President Alvi Launches Artificial Computing Initiative (PIAIC)

President Arif Alvi launched the Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC) a few days ago.

As per the details, “PIAIC is an interdisciplinary hub for mass education, research, and business in artificial intelligence (AI), data science, cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) related fields.”

The initiative comes in a bid to enable Pakistan in making an imprint on the world’s path towards the fourth industrial revolution. It aims to transform the fields of education, research, and business in Pakistan.

One-year programs available under the PIAIC include Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Native Computing, and Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a one-year, four-quarter program that has been designed for absolute beginners. The AI program is divided into four quarters, i.e., AI Foundations, Introduction to Data Science and Deep Learning, Deploying AI Solutions, and AI in Practice.

The second program is the Cloud Native Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Specialist. This one-year program is also split into four parts, i.e., Cloud Native Computing Foundations, Developing Cloud Native Microservices, Kubernetes in Practice, and AWS Application Development.

The third program, Blockchain, includes Foundations of Blockchain, Smart Contract Development, Dapp Development, and Advanced Blockchain Topics.

The registration for the programs starting tomorrow. More details regarding PIAIC can be reached here.

  • ایک سال میں تو ٹیکنولوجی تبدیل ہو جاتی ہے ۔ جب تک یہ لوگ پڑھ کر نکلیں گے کچھ اور آچکا ہوگا

  • But this should be launched through some mandated organization or forum or ministry. Government should overhaul complete structure and there should be at least Ministry of ICT / Future of Work and Ministry of HRD on urgent basis with concrete mandates and targets, then these programs could be more benefited. Experts can be taken on relevant boards of the entities/depts, working under administrative controls of such ministries/divisions

  • Good initiative, would pave the path for further studies towards graduation and onward because these fields alone and 1 year is not much useful. The only concern is Prof. Zia, i have had a bad experience about him, i don’t consider him a teacher, he is rather a good sales man, sells his programs and trainings well. This is my personal observation, others might have far better experiences.

    • Maybe your experience is bad. But bad experience does not reflect intention. If you had bad experience with your family and friends OR with your client. You just re arrage your stratedy instead of calling them rude.

      Sir. Zia Khan is great and always great for Pakistan. It is first Pakistani Real IT hero.

  • Good try to learn extra educate to IT field student. I want to know three method systems . Govt of Pakistan taking good steps for unknown person .

  • Good initiative but i don’t consider it fair because they will offer certificate to only 10% of the total students who have passed 70% criteria marks for being eligible to this program through entry test. At least they should offer certificate everyone because all are paying for this program.

  • My daughter studying 10th class and she passed 9th Standard
    with flying colors and got 87%.
    I want to manage my daughters study but some financial problems facing .

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