FIA Stars Crackdown Against Private School Owners Over Corruption Charges

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched a crackdown against the owners, CEOs, and Directors of elite private schools across the country.

The Supreme Court in its interim verdict in a case about a hike in school fees had asked FIA to take action against the school directors embezzling huge amounts under the garb of fees etc.

The FIA submitted a report with the apex court today in which he detailed the actions taken in compliance with the court’s order.


Supreme Court Orders Private Schools to Cut Fee by 20%

The agency told the top court that it was going to confiscate all accounts record of private schools and personal record of their CEOs, Directors, and owners.

The bank accounts of the high-ups will also be seized, the document further read.

FIA Lahore has formed 14 teams to conduct the operation in the district against the top schools including City, Beaconhouse, Roots, and Lahore Grammar School, etc.


Sindh Govt to Shut Down All Private Schools in Residential Areas

A complete list of the schools under scrutiny is given below:

Earlier on Thursday, the Supreme Court had passed a landmark judgment in private school fee hike case and ordered all the private school owners, charging more than Rs. 5,000, to cut monthly fees by 20 percent.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, while giving the verdict, also directed schools to return all the accessive amount incurred in the last two years back to the parents, including the summer vacations fees.

The apex judge, when told that the salaries of top private school directors are as high as Rs. 85,00,000, Justice Saqib Nisar was furious on the owners for turning education into a profitable business and ordered an inquiry into alleged corrupt practices.

    • Yahi..bilkul yahi same apki gardan wala itttefaq foundry ka hi Sarya tha Malik Riaz, Shahbaz Sharif, Saad Rafiq, Hanif Abbasi, Anwar Majeed, Fawad Hassan Fawad, Khadim Rizvi, Mushahidullah aur Altaf Hussain waghera ki gardanon mei b…

      Un sb ka bhi yahi kehna tha k “Go ahead if you can do it.”

      Establishment ki nabz dekho, hawa ka rukh dekho….. They are more than ever determined to put our own house in order now & mend our ways. Jo roken dalny ki koshish kry ga kuchla jai ga, buldoz kia jai ga, dafn ho ga… It is not about just Imran khan or chief justice. It is about the mood of state. It is now or never; if Pakistan has to survive.

  • They forgot Foundation Public School (Karachi and Hyderabad), Headstart School (Karachi) , Karachi American School, The British Overseas School (Karachi)

  • This is how you create wealth in Pakistan. CJ is killing IK’s plan at birth!

    If education is to remain unprofitable then no one will invest in it. The country will regress further!

  • Lets agree to disagree!

    I’ve worked in Bpo industry, here is what the situation is: A level students of “Beacon House and City School” type elite schools earn more than 80K per month ( I repeat; Students of A level who are usually around age 18-20), and students of Bachelor or Master ( brought up in Public schools) make around 30k even if they have an experience of working there. Why is that ? Just because of their fluent English.

    My cousins was taught French in O levels ( We are not taught even proper Urdu/Arabic in our 9th/10th, now one of them is doing engineering at Oregon State University and the other one is doing BS IR in UK.

    Just take an example of Convents, most of the female CSS candidates this year had a Convent upbringing in early education.

    If you have a degree in Master from abroad, you have hired as a permanent faculty in NUML, you need an Mphil to get a visiting faculty status and 5 years experience for getting a permanent status.

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