KP Govt Rolls Out Five-Year Development Policy

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has devised a plan to gradually turn the terrorism-torn province into a welfare state government.

A five-year development plan includes measures and proposals to overhaul the 26 departments of the province. The document will be presented to the Prime Minister Imran Khan when he visits KP next week.


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The to-do projects in the document include the production of over 3,500-megawatts of power, a formation of three mega-parks in Peshawar, construction of youth hostels in every district and provision of technical education/training to more than 30,000 women in the province.

The policy also aims to provide free legal aid to the deprived section of the society, strict measures to curb violence against women and formation of seven police training schools.


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Following are more details on the five-year roadmap:

  • Appointment of 4,000 health workers
  • The launch of rural ambulance service
  • To make 120 secondary healthcare hospitals functional for 24 hours
  • Provision of special pre and postpartum care to mothers
  • Expand vaccination to 80 percent children of the province
  • To make 5,500 acres of barren land arable
  • Provision of modern technology to livestock farmers
  • Distribution of million calved among 3,000 farmers
  • Special training for livestock farmers in better nutrition
  • Establishment of a smart market to increase profit for farmers to 15-20 percent
  • Cut down sugarcane seed price by 95 percent
  • Increase quota of women in the police department
  • Direct dispensation of the budget to police station
  • Setup of seven police training schools to train 18,000 policemen annually
  • Provision of National Identity Card (NIC) to every woman
  • Establishment of 3,500 village/neighborhood councils
  • Allocation of 30 percent development budget for municipal institutions
  • Formation of 700 village councils in merged tribal areas
  • Selection of 120 mayors on party basis to run municipality system

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